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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Move Over, Jim Gregory

I don't quite know how Jim "Graterford" Gregory is going to take this, but there's another write-in candidate for Bethlehem Mayor. His name is Todd Dietrich, and appears to be upset by the "disgracefully negative campaign" run by Bob Donchez in the primary, in which he bested Willie Reynolds. So he figured he might as well run himself, and announced via a news release from aptly named Blabbermouth Communications.

Though he claims to have won a pie-eating contest, this will be Dietrich's first venture into politics. An Independent since age 18, his Facebook page indicates he has attracted far left supporters like the unbearably smug Jonathan Geeting. Together, they will create Shangri La.

Except even Geeting is sure the dude will lose.

Dietrich has lived in Bethlehem for two years, and thinks that's long enough for him to know how to run the City.

No word on whether Dietrich, like Gregory, believes there's a vast conspiracy to keep people from finding the truth, involving Donchez, DA John Morganelli, Mayor John Callahan, the Bethlehem police, all the judges, the Vatican and Colonel Sanders.

This Thursday, you can ask him. He's hosting a Meet'n Greet at Tapas on Main from 5 – 8 PM.

Don't know if he's booked any air time on WGPA.


Anonymous said...

This is a Willie Reynolds insproed move to get back at Bob Donchez for beating him in the primary. Another reason why Wee Willie will never be mayor, grow up son!

I would rather vote for Steve
Barron than Willie.

Anonymous said...

booby d's master of committees will form a subcommittee to spy on this meeting. they will report to a committee who will advise booby whether or not to get off his fence. a decision will be made by 2021

Anonymous said...

Good for him! He's got a great smile.

Unity PAC said...

Dietrich is a Donchez plant meant to siphon votes away from the Gregory ticket, no surprise Geeting backs Dietrich as a left wing hack he is no doubt fearless of the consensus building UnityPAC that endorses Gregory.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I tho you mean fearful , not fearless.

Anonymous said...

Todd is a wonderful community member with great ideas about moving Bethlehem forward. His commitment to volunteerism and this city is unparalleled.

Comparing him to Jim Gregory shows how little that you've bothered to talk to Todd, and how in love you are with Donchez.

Win or lose, Todd's campaign is good for Bethlehem voters. We are tired of Donchez's smug approach to this race.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Todd is a 2-year Bethlehem resident. In 2 years, you do not establish an unparalleled commitment to anything. He announced yesterday. I sent his campaign an email yesterday. Heard nothing back. I posted his announcement. He knows he has no prayer. His "supporters" know he has no prayer. His campaign is nothing more than sour grapes from disgruntled Willie Reynolds people.

I think I can safely say that of anyone is being smug, it is Dietrich. he announces a last-minute stealth campaign, and hopes to buy voters by giving them goodies at Tapas.

I think voters are looking for a little more than someone who wins pie-eating contests and whose campaign is premised on attacking Donchez for attacking Willie. Is that positive?

Anonymous said...

Elections aren't only important for who wins, but for what issues are discussed and what policies are presented to the electorate. If Todd is able to create a more robust discussion in his brief campaign, then Bethlehem wins.

Todd has a full time job, and knows he is running a long shot campaign. Once you talk to him, you will regret calling him smug.

Willie was attacked personally, I don't expect Todd to attack Donchez personally, but instead focus on the policies that affect Bethlehem.

How many years do you have to live in a city to have an idea of what it needs? What's wrong with a community member standing up for what he wants to see in his city? Your condemnation of Todd is just undemocratic. He is a citizen participating in a free election, what is the harm in that?

Todd Dietrich said...

Bernie, I apologize, but I checked my email and did not get anything from you. If you have questions, I'll be happy to answer them. Thanks for keeping the people of the Lehigh Valley informed with your blog.

Anonymous said...

Todd's email is glitchy. It was designed by the Obamacare team.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Todd, I responded to Blabbermouth, the outfit you hired to promote you, and the one that notified me of your campaign. Don't knock me for not contacting you 5 minutes after you announce when I did.

Bernie O'Hare said...

2:23, you don't expect Dietrich to be negative, but that's exactly how he started his campaign. A spur grapes candidate.

Anonymous said...

Answer; Gregory, Dietrich and Donchez.


What three individuals have the same level of talent to run the city of Bethlehem.

Bobby D. disagrees and is forming a subcommittee to determine if a full committee should consider the above comment.