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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Donchez Raises $67,000 to Counter Write-Ins

Bob Donchez has raised $67,680.80 in his Bethlehem Mayoral bid, leaving him with a $77,740.69 warchest for the waning days of the campaign. His contribution list is a Who's Who of potential City vendors. But it also packed with page after page of small contributions by City residents.

Though Donchez has no opponent who actually is on the ballot, he is still facing two write-in candidates.

One is Jim "Graterford" Gregory, a woman beater who is mounting a campaign from state prison. He's got the ex-con vote tied up.

The other write-in candidate is Todd Dietrich. The twitterati and insufferably smug Jonathan Geeting have rallied to Dietrich.

I don't know about Todd, but I'd rather have the ex-cons.


Anonymous said...

Jim Gregory is conveniently out of the way during this race. Political prisoner, victim of the system??

Bernie O'Hare said...


Bernie O'Hare said...

Shouldn't you be out flying your broom, scaring kids?

Anonymous said...

Im voting for JG

Anonymous said...

Who's the real criminal? Vote JG!!

Bernie O'Hare said...

The above two comments were brought to you by cRaZy Tricia Mezzacappa, who lives in West Easton.

Donald Flad Jr said...

Jon Geeting had nothing to do with Todd's campaign - perhaps you should ask Todd to get the truth or does that not meet your purposes?

And because you are pretty predictable I will come out that I was part of Todd's discussion about this effort but I was the one who tried to talk him out of it & failing that warn him about what I thought your reaction would be & the type of things you would say about it and him. And I was right.

It is also pretty amazing that you consider Jim Gregory's effort as serious - but then again maybe you don't but you know it will get you hits and readers.

I know I know I am being sanctimonious and thinking I am better than most people.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Donald, Jonathan Geeting was among the first to "like" Todd's campaign along with Gloria McVeigh and other extreme left people. In addition, Geeting posted a favorable blog about Dietrich at KP, so I certainly consider him a supporter. But don't let facts get in the way of your dogma.

I did speak to Todd and consider him a nice enough person. But the fact remains that he is shackled by insufferable snobs like you, as you have just proved.

And no, I don't take either one of them seriously.

Anonymous said...

Won't be the first time you're coming out Donald!

Save your campaign contributions and donate them to your favorite charity.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Gotta' love a campaign that negatively attacks someone for being negative. Incredible. In addition, the dude told George Wacker that there's some kind of age discrimination. I agree, but it's coming from young snots who think they know everything.

Donald Flad Jr said...

Geeting does indeed seem to be a supporter but he has had nothing to do with Todd's reasons for doing this and has no veto power over Todd and neither do I.

And so because I support Todd it makes him unworthy?

I support Jesus Christ, I support the Dalai Lama, I support The President of The United States and I support Peg Ferraro I guess that makes them unacceptable as well.

Your hatred of me blinds you to the positive aspects about the conversation Todd wants to inspire.

And, that says a great deal about you.

Anonymous said...

Given all that has occurred. Donchez' best friend in DA Morganelli. Mr. Gregory ends up in state prison over a non-violent PFA?

Does make you wonder if the field was cleared for Mr. Donchez. I hope Todd looks into that. He doesn't want to get tapped by one of these things, you never know what is happening??

Why would people go after write in candidates?? What is going on??

Donald Flad Jr said...

11:12 PM - Was that meant to be an insult or something clever?

Todd is neither asking for nor accepting contributions.

Anonymous said...

unfortunately donchez will become mayor. even more unfortunately he will fall on his butt and slow down the tremendous growth and rebirth of bethlum

Anonymous said...

" He doesn't want to get tapped by one of these things,"

exactly what they told Gregory his first day inside///

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Donchez' best friend in DA Morganelli. Mr. Gregory ends up in state prison over a non-violent PFA?"

Yes, and that has NOTHING to do with Morganelli. His office has NOTHING to do with PFAs. This case was prosecuted by his ex girlfriend, alone, after her attorney acted unethically and appeared on gregory's radio show.

Gregory put himself in jail bc he refused to follow a simple court order repeatedly. he violated it at least 8 times, including a violation on a radio show. It was a blatant insult to the integrity of the court. he used prison inmates to sneak messages to his ex. he used them after he was released to send messages. he is a manipulator who was taking advantage of county inmates. Judge Zito had no choice. Gregory is where he belongs, and at the rate he is going, may very well max out.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Donald, I don't much care for you bc you are a pompous and overbearing snob who does not see your own hypocrisy. I do not hold you against Todd. What I said is that the twitterati and insufferably smug have rallied to him. And it appears I am correct. He is shackled by people like you.

The snob vote.

And based on the Wacker blog, it appears to me that Dietrich, like Geeting, does not like older people.

So he's running a negative campaign attacking Donchez bc he is old and bc he was negative against Willie.

Makes sense to me.

Anonymous said...

Only good thing about these kids is they are growing older by the day. Reminds me of Children of the Corn

Anonymous said...

You are being justly torn apart on Donald's facebook page.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Who cares?

Anonymous said...

In reference to 9:05 p.m. and 1:48 a.m., I can't believe anyone would consider J.G. a political prisoner. He is a prisoner because he repeatedly violated a PFA and had numerous contempt of court violations against him. How can he possibly come up with one excuse to justify his behavior. I would be surprised if he has any family or friends left that will even talk to him let alone visit him. I doubt he has learned anything or has been willing to make any positive changes in his behavior during the time he has spent in prison. The only thing that matters is that the victims are safe from him. He is right where he belongs.