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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Donovan to Discuss Allentown Public Safety

On Tuesday, October 29, at 3pm, on the second floor of Allentown Brewworks, Independent Allentown Mayoral candidate Michael Donovan will present his expectations for the future of the Allentown Police Department and the neighborhoods they protect. "You will hear the qualities of the person I would like to see as the new Police Chief, and you will hear my vision of revitalized neighborhoods throughout the city," he says.

The public is welcome.


Monkey Mambo said...

Can't wait for this informative event, I'm sure little Lord Fauntleroy will be thrilled to see me in attendance.

Bernie O'Hare said...

You're too much of a coward. But if you do go, then I will have the proof I need.

Former Donovan Supporter said...

From my attendance on Saturday, hopefully it is more than the 12 people who showed up to his "big" fundraiser($5 at the door) at the BrewWorks. That 12 included Mike Donovan, Rich Fegley, Diane Tetti, myself and the two DJs. For a total of 7(now 6)supporters. Nov 5th is going to be a political version of murder.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I see. You gauge whether to support a candidate based on how many he can attract to a fundraiser. Based on that compelling logic, assuming there is any truth to your drivel, you should vote for Snooki.

Anonymous said...

Touching pregnant women has now been found to be criminal harassment, by the P.A Court System. Hopefully the Allentown P.D is aware of the new legal ruling & enforces it.


monkey momma said...

To the people that live and work in Allentown, public safety is issue #1. I am glad Donovan is talking about it. I wish the mayor would do the same.

If I could vote in the Allentown election, I would vote for Donovan.