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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Laughing at Ott Campaign Ads

Lehigh County Executive candidate Scott Ott likes to portray himself as a religious man. He even teaches Sunday School. But like many who wear their religion on their sleeve, he seems to have trouble practicing what he preaches, particularly when it comes to that little "Thou shall not lie" commandment. Not being as well versed as some of you in the ways of the Lord, it could be that Jesus has an exception for campaign ads. But I am well versed in local government, and Scott Ott's literature is deceptive. He laughs at Obama. maybe he's laughing at you, too.

In his primary ads, Ott claims to have cut taxes by $3 million per year. Now he's saying he cut spending by $3.5 million. Is this true?

Yes and no.

Taxes were cut by $3 million. Ott actually wanted to cut $5 million. But in the process, he added $3 million to what was already a $7 million deficit. When he and his so-called reform team first ran for office, they insisted they would roll back the 16% tax hike. That translates to $21.5 million in tax reduction, and Ott has not come close.

Ott's claim to have cut spending by $3.5 million is false. Instead, he has presided over an increase in spending from $109.3 million in 2012 to $110.9 million in 2014. had he cut $3.5 million in spending, I would expect to see spending go down. It's gone the other way.

Ott did work to enact a $3.5 million reduction in a proposed budget. But that's not the same as cutting spending. He's still spending much more than the County was spending before he arrived on the scene.

In his primary ads, Ott claims to have saved residents $500,000 per year by stopping the Bi-County Health department. Now, he's claiming he saved $9 million. Is this true? 

Instead of calling it the Bi-County health department, he's now calling it a "new bureaucracy." That way he won't offend public health advocates. After all, nobody likes bureaucracy But is his claim true? Did he save $9 million or $500,000, as he contends?

No. he actually saved $1. Lehigh County's 2012 budget set aside just $1 as a place holder for the Bi- County Health Department. The actual cost is speculative.


Anonymous said...

your hate is amazing

Do you find this 4/17 Scott Ott blog post funny? said...

The City of Boston today agreed to surrender to “al Qaeda, or whoever did this” just two days after two bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three and wounding 170.

Standing in the middle of the utterly-deserted downtown, the mayor told a few remaining journalists that he would sign terms of surrender, abdicate his office and “effectively hand the keys to the city over to the agent, or group, that has brought Boston to a standstill, and has kept us all cowering in our homes wondering what to do next.”

This would be the first time in recent memory that a U.S. city has capitulated to terrorists, and surrendered its sovereignty. But sources close to the mayor noted that Boston, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the American people “lack both the resources and the resolve to stand up to occasional, seemingly-random attacks.”

The official signing ceremony and transfer of power awaits the revelation of the identity of the victorious conqueror.

Meanwhile, in Pakistan, the Palestinian territory, and throughout the Muslim world, mobs of cheering people chanted, “Boston has fallen, Braintree is next.”

Bernie O'Hare said...

I guess this is one guy who really should quit his day job.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Squirrel, I found the guy who took all your nuts!

Anonymous said...

Scott is honest. Callahan should be indicted. You are an unscrupulous lawyer who championed wife strangler Brennan and moral pilar, John Edwards. Let's face it. You regularly support politicians who lie and steal and get arrested for nearly killing their wives in front of their innocent children. You're taste in law-abiding, honest political figures sucks. You aren't recovered Bernie. You still view the world through dishonest eyes. Have you apologized to all of your victims yet? I think you need a serious look in the mirror and an honest talk with your sponsor. You aren't better.

Anonymous said...

in one of his sleazy flyers muller called Ott a political gadfly and scoffed at him being a school bus driver.

Ott almost took down Cunningham and sits on county council.

muller is running scared

Anonymous said...

Well looking at last night live capitol newscast, Ott may be laughing but only at himself.

Anonymous said...

Muller hasn't a shot. He's embarrassing himself and it's going to bet worse for him when he concedes after running such a poor campaign. Don Cunningham's gubernatorial aspiration were crushed by Scott Ott and his massive, several hundred dollar war chest. Muller will be crushed as well. And Bernie will have something other than TM and JG to write about for four years. Win-win.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Scott is honest."

I see. Here's evidence of two deceptions in his campaign ads, and this is your response? And instead of just attacking me, how about addressing how these ads are not lies?

Bernie O'Hare said...

" muller called Ott a political gadfly and scoffed at him being a school bus driver."

Ott always has a strange set of jobs, none of which seem to last long, scattered throughout the state. That's what bothers me more than what he does. But he's a school bus driver? I had he was a bus driver and assumed it was a FT job at Bieber or something. If he is a school bus driver, then that means he is not even working FT. That's kinda' strange for someone with as many children as he. He's a school bus driver? What school district? And why does he move so much? In LC alone, I think he's moves three times in the last four years. Isn't this a bit odd? Maybe it's only twice. I am trying not to go there, but it is awful inviting.

Anonymous said...

His personal business is personal. It only matters to him and to vicious bloggers whose buzz is destroying people. You kicked you addiction to booze and replaced it with an addiction to destroying people's personal lives. What a miserable mess you are. I suspect you're boozing again. Your friends should watch their wallets. You always slur a bit. But this is more pronounced. Please call your sponsor and get your fat ass to a meeting. Guys like you are always a fucking burden to the rest of us. At least you're not still stealing money that we know of.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Translation: I hate Bernie O'Hare and have no problem getting personal with him. He has a libel judgment against me and is about to get a damages award. I can't mention my name bc what I do is wrong and I will be forced to accept consequences i am unwilling to accept. So I'll defame O'Hare anonymously. I really don't know Ott and don't give a shit about him or anyone, really. I'm so stupid that i don';t realize that every time the blog mentor or I post hateful comments, we just help O'Hare and make ourselves look even worse.