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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

LHS Athletes Raise $1,700 to Fight Breast Cancer

Middle schools from all over the Lehigh Valley invaded the Bethlehem Steelers' complex on October 21. While football players hid, seventh and eighth graders competed in two-mile cross country races hosted by Liberty High School's own cross country team. These athletes also managed to race $1,400 for another kind of race - the race to cure breast cancer. Another $300 was scraped up by the girls' volleyball team.

They did so in honor of cross country athlete Emily Cecchini's mother, Robyn, who lost her battle with breast cancer in March at age 44. Emily (center) along with assistant volleyball coach Melissa Waldron (right) presented a $1400 check to Dolly Woody, Executive Director of the Susan G Komen Foundation NEPA, whose mission is to find a cure. To date, that foundation has invested nearly $2 billion in research and outreach.

Liberty's entire cross country team, coached by the legendary Mark Will Weber, relax below with the fruit of their labors.

The Whitehall Zephyrs ham it up before their race.

East Hills were all business.

Nitschman Middle Schoolers thought the race was next week.


Anonymous said...

I salute these kids but the big pharmaceutical companies and doctors don't want a cure to be found

Bernie O'Hare said...

What a nasty person you must be to have such a poor opinion of your fellow man. Many of those kids you salute will go on to be doctors or work in the pharmaceutical industry.