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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dougherty, Creighton Break Pledge to Taxpayer For $1,500

In 2006, Lehigh County Commissioners gave themselves a payraise. Their salaries increased from $5,500 per year to $7,000 per year, starting in 2008 and 2010. Dean Browning refused it. When he became Chair, he also turned down the extra $500 that goes along with that gig, too.  He remained true to his word during his term as Commissioner. Percy Dougherty and Tom Creighton, both seeking re-election, broke their word.

During their 2009 campaign for district seats, both Dougherty and Creighton pledged, in a "Contract With County Taxpayer," that they would forego that $1,500 increase if elected. They kept their word, but only for two years. Starting in 2012, they took the dough. They broke their word behind closed doors, too, via memo exchanges with then Chair Brad Osborne.

Dougherty now denies he took the pledge, but I was at the news conference in which he announced it. For a measly $1,500, both Dougherty and Creighton broke their contract with the County taxpayer.

Dougherty is opposed this November by Attorney Susan Wild. Creighton is opposed by Bill Leiner, a nurse and former Commissioner.


Anonymous said...

All you have is your hate O'Hare. Unlike Callahan, Ott won't give you special privileges. So you attack the entire conservative slate.

Were is this tough probing in Northampton County??

Bernie O'Hare said...

There's plenty of it in NorCo. Ask Steve Barron.

Anonymous said...

How about how you are hiding the McClure/Borzo/Atiyah connection from the residents of North Bethlehem??

Anonymous said...

is this the best you can do? pitiful

Anonymous said...

another Arlen Specter?


Anonymous said...

Sorry but can't help think of Thomas when writing about a Percy
but isn't this Percy a PhD and blessed to have a comfortable income?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Percy is a retired PhD. I have no idea what his income is, but do know he gave his word to the taxpayer and broke it.

Anonymous said...

Does Creighton still work for Caldwell-Calwell West school district? If so, does he receive longevity pay and bells and whistle benefits provided in their budget?

Does Dougherty receive lifetime medical benefits as part of his retirement from the State education system?

If I am not mistaken, the County no longer offers benefits to spouses if they have access through another employer.

It certainly would be a twist of irony since these types if benefits are now denyed to County workers.

Anonymous said...

Thats republicans for ya they cry about nanny state then suck up all the benefits they can