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Monday, October 28, 2013

NorCo Council Dems Pooling Resources

At a news conference announcing the return of Senior Job Fairs earlier this month, Northampton County Executive candidate was accompanied by all five Democratic Council candidates, and said at one point that they are "running as a team." Campaign finance reports filed by four of the five Democrats seeking Council seats by 2 PM on Friday corroborate what Callahan said. They are each making major contributions to the County party, apparently to support a joint mailer.

Of all the candidates, Jerry Seyfried would be the one most likely to raise lots of money. As a former Executive and Council member, he knows many people. Moreover, he is an active member of Northampton County's very large sportsmen community. But he refused to accept a dime from anyone, even though several people have sent him checks. He put $5,000 of his own money into his campaign, and sent half of that to County Democrats.

He told me that after it is all over, he might have a picnic to recoup some of his costs, but will accept no more than $25 from anyone.

None of the Democratic hopefuls  raised very much money.

Ron Heckman raised just $2,450 and sent $1,500 to County Democrats. He did accept $500 from former Executive Glenn Reibman, who ran in the primary against Callahan. Heckman and Reibman are long-time friends.

Deb Hunter raised $6,750, including $3,500 from unions. This is ironic, considering that the LV Labor Council failed to endorse her. Most of that union money comes from the trade unions, which did endorse her. She contributed $2,500 to County Democrats.

Christen Borso raised $5,085, of which $4,000 comes in the form of union support. Her primary campaign was heavily funded by unions as well. She contributed $2,300 to County Democrats.

Tom O'Donnell's report was not filed by 2 PM, so I will tell you about his report tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Overall, I would say the Dem's union buddies have let them hang. They should keep that in mind.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, I love how the unions gave Hunter and Borzo, who have no record, thousands of dollars and haven't given to Heckman or Seyfried.

Typical union thug backstabbing. I am sure Heckman and Seyfried will take notice.

Anonymous said...

"The Board of Commissioners is supposed to be a check and balance on the County Executive."

In Norco County Council should do so as well, yet you don't have a problem with Callahan funding 2 mailers so far with him pictured along side the Dem Council candidates?

Bernie O'Hare said...

3:46, Seyfried was not taking $ from anyone. I doubt Heckman wanted much either. I suspect they would want it used to get voters to know Hunter.

Bernie O'Hare said...

8:04, That is a valid criticism, except that Callahan gave no money to any of the Democrats seeking an office on County Council. He just posed for a pic with them. He did not do what Ott is doing in LC. I would expect that, as the man holding the banner for his party in NC, he would want to pose with other Dems.