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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Leiner Goes on the Attack

Bill Leiner is running against Tom Creighton for Lehigh County Comm'r in Disttrict #1, which includes Coplay, Whitehall, North Whitehall, Slatington, Washington, Lynn, Weisenberg, Lowhill and Heidelberg townships. Leiner is Coplay's former Mayor and was a Commissioner himself. He resigned suddenly to move to Texas, but then returned to the Lehigh Valley.

A Democrat, he should win easily in Coplay,Whitehall and Slatington. I think the numbers are against him in other, heavily Republican Townships.

But do voters, even Republicans, want to elect a Commissioner who breaks his word, time and again? That's the question Leiner poses in a mass email to supporters. He wants each supporter to persuade two others to vote for him, an election strategy that goes all the way back to Abe Lincoln.

Please give them my email address billleiner@aol.com or my phone 610 751-2745 if they want to speak with me. I would love to speak to them.

My opponent, a Tea Party Republican, promised during his first term to balance the Lehigh County budget, not raise taxes, not use the County Stabilization Fund to balance the County budget, and not take a pay raise he was awarded in 2010.

His promise results - he voted to raise taxes twice, voted to use Stabilization Funds to balance the County budget, had no plan to balance the budget and after two years of not taking the $1,500. raise in January 2012 he secretly contacted the Board of Commissioners Chair and asked for the raise. It was granted.

His 2013 campaign slogan should be "Promises made; Promises broken." We need honest, open, reasoned government in Lehigh County. The Tea Party extremists in Washington are paralyzing our country. The Tea Party extremists in Lehigh County government are damaging the business environment and public safety in Lehigh County.

I need your help. Join and follow through with the "Two for Leiner Club." Get me two additional votes.


Anonymous said...

Go Bill, go!!

Anonymous said...

more of barney's hate blog

Anonymous said...

He failed in Texas and will not even come close here. Perhaps another state?

Anonymous said...

LOL "My opponent, a Tea Party Republican..." Please tell me what a "TEA PARTY REPUBLICAN" is??? Tom Creighton has never been endorsed by the tea party or been to a tea party meeting that i'm aware... so where is this claim from???

Bernie O'Hare said...

Probably his voting record.

Anonymous said...

Crieghton at least attempted to do what he said he would do. I'd like to hear what Leiner says he will do. Let's see... Raise taxes. Using rote Democrat slogans to win is despicable, but not new for him

Bernie O'Hare said...

Creighton actually broke his word to taxpayers. I'm no Leiner lover, but facts are facts.

Dennis said...

To quote another comment, "My opponent, a Tea Party Republican..." Please tell me what a "TEA PARTY REPUBLICAN" is???" Well, if you're tea party, you're a hell of a lot more likely to be Republican than Democrat. If you're being challenged by a tea partier in a primary, you're Republican, not Democrat. Now I think most, if not all politicians, are scoundrels, but the tea party is a collection of ignorant hicks. Another way to look at, it is that the tea party is officially the lunatic fringe of the republican party.