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Thursday, October 24, 2013

All Ten NorCo Council Candidates have Committed to Debate

NC LWV Prez Bev Hernandez
All ten Northampton County Council candidates have committed to Monday night's forum at Northampton Community College. It at the College Center, Room 146, between 7 and 8:30 pm.

I love these debates at the community college because they attract a younger crowd. Students will be active participants in Monday night's forum.

This event would have been completely impossible but for the tireless efforts of the Community College's Helene Whitaker and the Northampton County League of Women Voters.

If you have a question for the candidates, you can post as a comment or forward it the LWV email address, lwvnorthco@yahoo.com. Time constraints will not allow for audience questions during the debate.

Don't let them catch you videotaping portions of it either, or they'll sic their goons on you. That happened to me once in Easton and I was in the hospital for several weeks with voter guide inserted in an unwanted place.

Because I'm a miserable bastard, I used to love poking fun at the League of Women Voters. But without this group of dedicated volunteers, there would have been no opportunity to see the candidates for County offices. So I am making an election pledge to be super nice to them.

Until the day after the debate.

Actually, they once invited me to join. I refused because I've alrwady been kicked out of the Democratic and tea Party, and don't think I can take another rejection.


Anonymous said...

I see on the official pamphlet they screwed up the ballot order and bumped Heckman from his second place primary win spot to fourth.

Wonder who pulled that one off?

Anonymous said...

I think someone is screwing with him. He should make it known to the league.

He is a nice guy but in that he should be pissed. You can't trust anyone in politics.

Anonymous said...

all should be committed

Bernie O'Hare said...

1:37 & 5:24, If you think people make their decisions based on the order in which candidates appear in a LWV pamphlet, you need to join the organization and make sure they get your valuable assistance.

Anonymous said...

Will "the lighthouse" be there to educate us all with his picks for the tax and spend candidates he favors??

Bernie O'Hare said...

The aptly named lighthouse, beacon through the fog of local politics, has as much right to express his or her opinions as you.

Anonymous said...

"the llighthouse" is a self-described conservative Republican who supports candidates with a record of tax and spend.

Yeah, he is great!

Bernie O'Hare said...

He or she is a conservative Democrat, and really bothers you.