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Monday, October 21, 2013

Stray Dog Meeting at Same Time as Exec Debate

While Northampton County Executive candidates growl and bark at each other on Tuesday night, the rest of the County will be going to the dogs. Cats, too. There will be a 7 pm meeting at the Charles Chrin Community Center, where the tea party usually meets to cast spells on Democrats.

Should the County take over stray animal control? Should we have a shelter to ease the burden on local law enforcement, and the tie and expense of shipping animals several counties away? Why are so many of the strays in the no-kill shelters a pit bull variety? Why does Sheriff Randy Miller and Easton Police Chief Scalzo feel so strongly about this issue?

This meeting will include an overview of two reports already prepared for the County on this issue, which include possible solutions to alleviate the situation.

For more information contact Lori Sywensky, Community Development Administrator at 610-559-3200, or lsywensky@northamptoncounty.org.


Anonymous said...

I don't know why there is no solution to this problem. There is a Chinese restaurant on nearly every block.

Anonymous said...

The dogs will make more sense then either Brown or Callahan.

Anonymous said...

In Lehigh I guess if old people will be left to starve the solution for stray dogs will be the death penalty.

Anonymous said...

They can feed the dogs to old people. Problem solved