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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Mickey Thompson Says Hi To Bethlehem Tp Voters

As a result of covering Bethlehem's Zoning Hearing Board, I have grown to admire and respect Attorney Mickey Thompson, their Solicitor. He's not just an excellent lawyer, but an excellent person. But he's going to get crushed in his race against incumbent Commissioner Michael Hudak. Here's why.

1. Wrong Party. - In a Republican Township, Mickey is running in the only Democratic precinct against a Democratic incumbent who is a union member. Good luck with that.

2. Wrong Boss. - In a letter to Township residents, Mickey points out that he works for Pennsylvania Venture Capital. That's true. What he does not mention is that this outfit is owned by Abe Atiyeh, who is Mickey's real boss.Whatever you or I might think of Abe, and I actually like the guy, he's despised in both Bethlehem and Bethlehem Township.

3. Wrong Roots. - Mickey starts his letter to voters by telling him he comes from rural Maryland. Somehow, I don't think that will help his bid for a Township office. In fact, Mickey moved into a rental unit, and there's some question about his real motivations.

4. Wrong Motive. - Is Mickey running because he really has his heart set on becoming a Bethlehem Township Commissioner? Did he wake up one morning and say, "Boy, I'd really love to be a Bethlehem Township Commissioner so I'm going to move there and run"? Or is he running because his boss wants to pack the Board?

It's no secret that Abe Atiyeh backed Marty Zawarski and Felix Barnard when they ran for the Board, and won. It's no secret that, in this Spring's primary, he backed both a Democrat and Republican running against incumbent Paul Weiss. He managed to knock Weiss off the ballot, and unless Weiss wins his precinct in a write-in campaign, Abe will be in control of Bethlehem Township. A victory by Mickey would be the icing on the cake.

There are some who say that fear of an imminent Abe Atiyeh takeover is what has prompted Township manager Howard Kutzler to step down, though Kutzler denied that last night.

I believe Mickey is running for the right reasons, but doubt he can sell himself in the Township's only Democratic ward. But I hope he runs for County Council against Lamont McClure, where many of the impediments I mention here will not apply. There I think he has a shot.


Anonymous said...

Mickey is a good guy and good attorney DESPITE his attachment to Atiyeh. However, he DOES NOT live in Bethlehem Township. His "address" is a sham for which he should not be eligible for office. It is indeed unfortunate that NO ONE in the Township is making an issue of it even though it is common knowledge that Mickey lives elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:52:

I have lived at the home since May 4, 2012 (National Star Wars Day as a matter of fact) with my two boys and my dog and have been very happy there.

I understand that by my running for the election opens me up to criticism and scrutiny and I am completely fine with that. People are going to have differences of opinion and that's fine too. It's part of the process.

But what you are saying is completely untrue. I'd even invite you to dinner if I could and you could see that my house is well-lived in. I might even be able to convince my kids to clean up their rooms if you would.

-Mickey Thompson

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Abe should put his name in for the Twp Manager position, steady paycheck and look at all the money he would save in legal appeals...

Anonymous said...

...even though it is common knowledge that Mickey lives elsewhere.

How about giving specifics of where "elsewhere" is located.

Anonymous said...

Thought your wife had physical custody of the boys Mickey ? You make it sound like you all live there as one big happy family.
If you were really interested in living in bethlehem township why didn't you BUY that house from your boss atiyea instead of just renting it. I guess if you lose you can always go back to your condo. I hear atiyea owns that one too.

Bernie O'Hare said...

This snark is totally unwarranted. Mickey is the father of two fine young men. Please remember they can read, too.

zoid said...

sorry but 4:35 was right on point

Anonymous said...

I hear HUDAK is the father of three fine children one being a career military man and they an read too.

Anonymous said...

Not really sure of your point 12:35 since no one insulted Hudak on this site. Try and follow along.

Anonymous said...

just replying to O'Hares 4:40 comment. He's attacked hudak more then once on this site. Thats my point 12:22 PM, Try and follow along.

Anonymous said...

10:05 am
Was following along. Nowhere on this page wit this headline is anyone attacking Hudak. Reading comprehension skills are a wonderful asset.

Bernie O'Hare said...

" He's attacked hudak more then once on this site. Thats my point 12:22 PM, "

I have never attacked Hudak. He disparaged Janet Housenick, the benefactor of Housenick Park, during a public meeting. I reported what he said accurately, and criticized his disrespect for a woman who left a vast estate and $2 million to the Township. He has expressed a parochial attitude towards anyone who does not actually live in the township, and i have reported that. I have not reported on a shouting match he had a few meetings ago with another Commissioner or things I have been told and have read. If anything, I have been uncharacteristically easy on Hudak, compared to just about everyone else. I will try to be more fair to my readers in the future and give Hudak the scrutiny he so richly deserves.