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Friday, October 04, 2013

Werner Has No Kind Words For Airport Authority

Scott Parsons, John Cusick and Bob Werner
In order to pay of a gazillion dollar judgment that the Lehigh Valley Airport Authority allowed to grow as a result of its own mismanagement and stupidity, it now wants to sell off parcels of land. One of those tracts is the Braden Airpark, located in Forks Township. Executive John Stoffa talked the Authority out of doing anything until March of next year, but Council member Bob Werner decided to visit the Airport Authority himself. Here's part of what he reported to Council last night.

* The Authority wants to sell Braden Airpark for $3.2 million, but never bothered to get an appriasal.

* The wind sock at Braden Airpark is either inoperable or needs to be replaced.

* The light tower at braden Airpark needs to be fixed.

* A generator at braden Airpak is inoperable, and there's been no attempt to repair it.

* Though there are fuel pumps, the Authority does not fuel planes at Braden.


Anonymous said...

the so called authority is a bloated political mess headed by one of the biggest con artists in the valley.

A.J. Urbano

Anonymous said...

In that condition, if they can get $3.2M they should jump on it. But they can't and they won't. What a way to run an airport. At least, if sold, it will address the acute housing shortage plaguing Forks Township.

Anonymous said...

Three Stoffa rubber stamps.

Anonymous said...

Those men are dashing. They could be flight attendants.

Al Bundy said...

Scott Parson's is a blue collar hero, the kind of Politician you could go to Hooters with slam a few beers and make fart jokes.