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Friday, October 11, 2013

NorCo To Participate in State Human Services Block Grant Plan

Northampton County has been approved for participation in the state's Human Services Block Grant program, which will give the County more flexibility in funding programs and services for 18,000 people who have no voice.

DPW Secretary Beverly D. Mackereth told Executive John Stoffa, "Thank you for your continued leadership in streamlining and strengthening services provided to Pennsylvanians."

Northampton County is one of 30 counties participating in this program. Lehigh County was admitted last year. The Human Services Block Grant consists of seven funding streams that will allow counties the flexibility to decide where the money is needed most. Those funding streams are:

• Mental Health Community Programs – based on local priorities around unified intake, community consultation, and education, support for families caring for members with mental disorders and community residential programs;

• Intellectual Disabilities Community Base – services to individuals of all ages with an intellectual disability diagnosis not eligible for other specific waiver programs;

• County Child Welfare Special Grants – services for dependent and delinquent children and their families;

• Homeless Assistance Program – services that help those who are homeless with shelter, housing, rental assistance, and general case management;

• Act 152 – non-hospital residential detoxification and rehabilitation services for persons eligible for Medical Assistance;

• Behavioral Health Services Initiative – for treatment for individuals with serious mental health and substance abuse disorders who are not eligible for Medical Assistance; and

• Human Services Development Fund– assistance for a number of welfare issues, combating isolation, poverty and dependence.

Updated 12:01 am to correct the number of human services' customer. I incorrectly stated 80,000


Anonymous said...

giveme, giveme useless waste of money programs - let's fix bridges first - if there's anything left then throw them a bone - there are more than 80,000 people in Norco - serve them

A. J. Urbano

Bernie O'Hare said...

tanslation: I'm a Democrat who hates the poor and am too much of a coward to sign my real name.

Anonymous said...

Helping an individual with mental health problems benefits an entire family. I am happy to contribute some of my tax dollars. Some of us are more blessed than others. Some if use are a little more greedy than others.

Anonymous said...

This could be a great plan or a major disaster. It all depends on the next administration. They will make this succeed or fail. Hope thy have their crap together and hire a Director with not only the knowledge but the balls(male or female) to make some people angry to get this new plan this work.

Anonymous said...

The trough is full even for mental cases and invalids, time for the nanny state to be dissolved.


Anonymous said...

18,000 not 80,000

Bernie O'Hare said...

I stand corrected.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Post corrected. TY.

Anonymous said...

Can't stand the truth about the John Stoffa Human Services memeorial that will rob people of service with its price tag. That would be 18,000 not 80,000 o9f your Stoffa bullshit.