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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

On What Planet is the House GOP?

Though the government is scheduled to go into default on Thursday and credit ratings agency Fitch has already placed the United States of America on a "negative ratings watch," House Speaker John Boehner seems powerless to stop the madness within his own party.

Josh Barro at Business Insider remarks, "There is no serious argument for Republican governance right now, even if you prefer conservative policies over liberal ones. These people are just too dangerously incompetent to be trusted with power.

But we're all consumed by the dating life of Julian Stolz.


Anonymous said...

We will destroy this nation in order to save it, the teabagger credo.

those whacky baggers coming to a country near you.

Anonymous said...

What Washington doesn't want you to know:

Read Wikipedia article explaining the Bretton Woods system and how the US became the world's reserve currency!!!!

Some of the points to note:

1) When you read the quote, "weakly regulated financial institutions led to a world-wide economic depression," does that ring a bell?

2) Did you catch the part about the U.S. producing half of the world's manufactured goods in 1944? Anyone want to guess what that percentage is today?

3) The Bretton Woods system ended the British pound's role a the world's primary currency (after gold). Again, does the quote "the pound was not up to the challenge of serving as the primary world currency, given the weakness of the British economy", make you wonder about the dollar?

4) I found the quote a little shocking: "[After WWII] The United States was running huge balance of trade surpluses, and the U.S. reserves were immense and growing." I am not used to seeing "United States" and "huge trade surpluses" used in the same sentence.

5) "After the end of World War II, the U.S. held $26 billion in gold reserves, of an estimated total of $40 billion (approx 60%)." WOW!!!

6) Notice the US's failed attempts to hide the dollar's devaluation by controlling gold prices by the creation of the "London Gold Pool".

Final comment: Does anyone else want to go back to the time when the US was producing half of the world's manufactured goods, was running huge trade surpluses, had immense foreign reserves, and owed 60% of the world's gold?

If you answer YES it time to get all Goverments Local, county, state and The federal on a diet!!!! Stop printing Dollars, stop buying foreign goods.

Anonymous said...

A 1% increase in interest rates because the GOP brought this Country to the brink of default will add $1 trillion to our deficit over the next 10 years.

Do you think it will hurt your personal finance s?

Anonymous said...

Julian is a microcosm of the national GOP. They can't even get poontang without serious consequences.

Anonymous said...

How about the Dems coming to the table and seriously negotiating? Good for the Republicans for exposing the leftist leaning communistesque Senate and Whitehouse!! The Dems are JUST AS MUCH to blame here as the Reps too.

Anonymous said...

Democrats used to be united in their support and fierce protection of Jim Crow laws. It took courage to get Democrats to stop lynching Negroes. It will take courage to stop the destruction of our health care and economic systems. Democrats would still be burning what they called "filthy niggers" if not for the courage of the GOP.

It's also rich listening to liberal Democrats instruct Republicans upon how to act to be successful. The last time I checked, a minority party that controls one half of one third of the process was working on getting some concessions when the math shows they should get none. Not bad for a minority party. They read the polls and know the president is almost as despised as his health care debacle. Congress is hated also, yet 95% are re-elected.

Anonymous said...

Can u go any further into the past to make your point? Can you talk about Today, ever? It used to cost .23 cents a gallon of gas back then also

Anonymous said...

95% are re-elected because of the Jerry meandering of the voting districts and the Supreme Court calling it constitutional and allowing these odd shaped districts yo ensure victory to represent the fringe.

Get your stories at least half right friend

Anonymous said...

hstand the default. The Feds are taking in $200+ billion a month. Surely they can stay current on the principal and interest on the debt.
The default threat is bullshit.

Anonymous said...

The GOP is on a planet where the Constitution gives Congress the sole authority to incur debt. The President has no such authority but this one is trying his hardest to seize that authority unconstitutionally. BTW, as far as the House goes: they won the election, the election is over, blah blah blah.

Anonymous said...

Seriously. Can somebody exlain to me how the Republicans are able to convince even a small minority of their rank and file that the Democrats have something to do with this?

I can't understand that and I am really asking for the Republican perspective on this

Anonymous said...

I think the congress refusing to vote on a clean CR should be tried for treason.

Anonymous said...

If you wrote about GOP incompetence rather than Julian Stolz, people would comment on GOP incompetence.

KEep in mind that not only is your party about to send the world economy into turmoil ONCE AGAIN, but we are currently on day 17 of the government shutdown. These same tea party clowns are making remarks about "punishing" federal employees as if someone that took a job interview to clean buildings, work on space research, curate a museum collection, or work on the cure for cancer needs to be "punished" for accepting a job and doing it to the best of their ability.

The GOP is sucking the life out of a recovering economy. I don't really understand their propensity to stifle growth when that is supposedly one of their most treasured goals.

I have to hand it to Charlie Dent. He was on CNN last night laughing at his colleagues. He seems reasonable. He's no longer my Congressman but he might have won over my vote if he was.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't these people answering why they think they are above Obamacare? Doesn't anyone think there is a real problem with Obamacare when the people who pushed it don't want it. You reap what you sow with your head I. The sand....this is the one thing the GOP should hold firm on. What only dems get to decide what is fair? Are you all morons? You want this so called healthcare that is poison to the politicians. At least the republican congress, many not all are willing to take poison with the rest of us. They are the only credible ones serving us today. And that guy who had the young girlfriend. Maybe the parents did not see him as a threat because they knew his interest was not really with the opposite sex. At least not sexually. His story is fishy....

Anonymous said...

"Increasing America's debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that "the buck stops here.'' Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.

I therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase America's debt limit.

Barack Obama 16 March 2006

Anonymous said...

"I have to hand it to Charlie Dent. He was on CNN last night laughing at his colleagues...

9:02 AM"

And we are laughing at him, the useful idiot.

Getting his ego fix at lefty media outlets because he will never be anything more than poolboy at the club, and he'll be happy with that as long as he keeps his handout-seekers happy and gets their votes.

Feckless, uninspiring, government lifer. Of course he wants to borrow more to make payments on what we've already borrowed, please his masters on the other side of the aisle, and then get back to leading the fight against tanning booths and bath salts.


Anonymous said...

Why aren't these people answering why they think they are above Obamacare? Doesn't anyone think there is a real problem with Obamacare when the people who pushed it don't want it.

Sigh. Are you REALLY that ignorant that you don't even understand the most basic of principles of the ACA?

"Obamacare" or the insurance exchanges are available for people WITHOUT insurance and who want to GET insurance. Federal employees HAVE insurance so why would they WANT insurance from the exchange?

Secondly, insurance on the exchange may or may not be inferior to the insurance coverage already used by federal workers. That's because the federal workers are employed and given an employment BENEFIT as part of their compensation. The exchange coverage is FOR PEOPLE WITH NO COVERAGE so it stands to reason that it could be lesser more basic coverage.


Anonymous said...

You want this so called healthcare that is poison to the politicians.

Do you or I WANT Medicaid? Do you or I WANT food stamps? Do you or I WANT disability payments? Do you or I WANT unemployment insurance?

No. That's because we HAVE JOBS with pay and healthcare coverage. Are you truly this dense?

See, this is the problem. People don't even bother to understand what the ACA is at it's most basic level. They regurgitate biased information knowingly fabricated by right wing media.

Anonymous said...

Within about 2 years we will all be under a single payer plan. Government will decide everything for you when it comes to healthcare. This is why Obamacare is a mess. It was never intended to work and in will come the government to save the day. I for one will not be depended on this or any government. My family and friends will all be given a better choice then single payer. Those of you who are stuck with it deserve to have it if you voted for these progressive liberals. To the others I hope you figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Obamacare is a mess because it is the Republican Heritage Foundation healthcare plan of the 1980/90's. Mandated private insurance payment for all. The Insurance companies love it.

In the 21st century in a civilized society no one should be chained to bankruptcy by healthcare costs that have gone out of control. Our system is specialist top-heavy and one of the most expensive and inefficient systems in the world.

This isn't the healthcare of the 1950/60's you remember, when out of pocket costs were peanuts. The costs now are both ridiculous and outrageous.

So yes, a single payer is probably somewhere in the future, when the baggers fade into history.

Also right now some bean counter in an insurance company decides what healthcare you get and has access to all your medical history. You trust them, yet you fear the people you actually vote for.

Move to Chile, please!

Anonymous said...

Planet Kolab.
The ACA is the Rommney plan boys and girls.

Pay Lay Ale.

Anonymous said...

You morons, your word not mine will see insurance companies all go out of business and you will all be forced on to single payer. Hope you like the government making all of your decisions even as to when you get healthcare. The county will see prices go up to get to this plan. Then on single payer they will just attach your paycheck and it won't be cheap. And why doesn't the president want this? At least some in congress think they are not above us......