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Monday, October 28, 2013

Is King of Sleazeball Politics Making a Comeback?

Political consultant Tom "Scissorhands" Severson is well known in Lehigh Valley politics. For decades, he was the undisputed King of Sleazeball Politics. Close friends with Northampton County John Morganelli, he eluded prosecution for years, thumbing his nose at campaign finance laws. His reign of terror suddenly came to an end when then Attorney General Tom Corbett stepped in and prosecuted the increasingly erratic politico. In a jury trial, Severson was convicted of disrupting a funeral mass with misdemeanor harassment and disorderly conduct aimed at one of his political foes, Ron Angle. He later pleaded guilty to filing bogus invoices and deceptive campaign practices.

Is he making a comeback?

Though supposedly retired, this convicted felon's name appeared among the beneficiaries of Bethlehem Mayoral candidate Bob Donchez' campaign expenses. And last week, he was in the audience at the Executive debate between John Callahan and John Brown. Is he making a comeback?

I think so, and I'll tell you why.

Brown's campaign mailers are littered with the same kind of negative slurs that regularly came from Severson's firm, Precision Marketing. In his finance report, Brown reports that his political consultant is Communications Concepts LLC.  But guess what? Tim Butler is identified as President, but he worked under Severson when Scissorhand's Precision Marketing, ruled the roost of mud slinging.And corporation records reveal that Communications Concepts and Precision Marketing just happen to share the same address.

Council candidate Peg Ferraro is also using Communications Concepts. .

Both Peg and the Brown camp adamantly deny any involvement with Severson. Brown apparently has never even heard of him. Severson is reported to have spent his time criticizing the job Tim Butler is doing. But it would be no surprise to me to learn that Communications Concepts is using him.


Anonymous said...

I think Peg's exact words were,
"I know nazzing"

Anonymous said...

Now you are making fun of Vietnam combat veterans. Have you no shame??

Anonymous said...

Tom likely suffers from PTSD and the kill or be kill mentality is what makes him so successful and getting people elected. He is like a real life John Rambo, vilified for his service by those without an understanding of what it's like to be hunted.

Anonymous said...

YOU are the king of Sleazeball, O'Hare.


Anonymous said...
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Bernie O'Hare said...

Sign your name.

Peter J.Cochran said...

Bernie, Tom is Tom and I can see his smile from here. He is happy to be alive and there is nothing you or I can really do to him that he has not already tangled with. It's over!People need to just let the dog alone on the rug and watch the fireplace. He see's his adversarial populist as "Lesser Beings" as most are because they never were up a real creak without a boat motor in their life time.

Peter J.Cochran said...

Bernie, Some football pro - player just said recently something to the effect that : ,If you don't want to be criticized ,do nothing , say nothing, and then be nothing. He is right. The "Babe" Said, "You gotta strike out out a lot to make a home run." He was talk'n about guy's like you and me Bernie, STRIKE TWO!HA HA!

Anonymous said...

If u get any brown mail, it all rings of this sleezball. Brown has lost my vote due his his negative campaign and I hope everyone else sees through the lies he is printing. Lennon and her ilk will get what is coming to them, pack the furniture in your rental home Lucy and move to Bangor.

Anonymous said...

Brown never had our vote. He screwed up in Bangor within months of being elected mayor. Fired the police cheif, and unceremoniously dumped fire cheif Bobby Owens. After Owens served for 30 years. I loved his quote on the front page of the ET to council and Brown, "Stick it where the sun don't shine".