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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kutzler: It's a Walk Down The Hall

Thomas Grebs claims he is one of the strongest in Pa.
Bethlehem Township manager Howard Kutzler served at his last Commissioners'meeting in Bethlehem Township on October 21. His resignation on November 1 was never mentioned, but Commissioners did name Kutzler's Assistant, Doug Bruce, as Acting Township Manager "until decided otherwise." They also voted to hire Lafayette College's Meyner Center to recruit a new manager.

"It's a walk down the hall," Kuztler said of his new job as Director of Administration in South Whitehall Township. He'll be working under Jon Hammer, his predecessor in Bethlehem Township.

Commissioners, with little discussion, gave conditional approval to two major projects.

They approved a 64-bed Alzheimer wing at ManorCare's Arden Courts, located off of Freemansburg Avenue. They also finally approved a six story, 120-room hotel located off of Freemansburg Avenue, located near St. Luke's Hospital, and owned by Dr. Atul Amin.

Commissioners also took a baby step forward on repairs to the Archibald Johnston mansion at Housenick Park.

Mark J. Sobeck Roofing Consulting, located in Wilkes-Barre, submitted a $16,000 bid package for repairs to the 5,320 sq ft roof. He's asked to come in at a lower cost, and to include repairs to the chimney and removal of an elevator tower.

Commissioners also heard again from increasingly irate Chetwin Terrace resident Roy Roth, who complained that storm water runoff has been unaddressed for three decades. As in previous meetings, Roth was told that repairs are being scheduled in next year's budget. "You're going to have to do something," stated Roth, threatening legal action against the Township.

Finally, Thomas Grebs, of 12th Avenue, complained of unsafe conditions at the Community Center, noting he has been injured there twice. he also objected to the removal of equipment from the weight room. Pointing out that he is one of the strongest people in Pennsylvania for his age, Grebs asked that the equipment be returned.


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Any idea the name of the hotel that might be coming in?

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TG vs BOH in the steel cage death match. The guest referee will be TM and a special guest appearance by the Graterford madman JG.

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