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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Lehigh Valley's First Conservative Blog

This is a week of firsts for the blogosphere. Just yesterday, I told you about the Lehigh Valley's first Latino blog, South Side Script. And now the Lehigh Valley has its first conservative blog, Right from Lehigh Valley.

Many of you must be shocked. Conservatives rely on talk radio and Fox news as their source for all information because they can't read or write. But Julian Stolz must be an exception. He does a nice job. His focus is Emmaus, an area that could definitely use attention. But today he tells us Congressman Dent may face a challenge from the right because he supports hate crime legislation and is pro life.

It's nice to know local Dems don't have a lock on insanity.

Correction: Dent is pro choice. I apologize for the error and thank Bernie K for pointing it out.


Greendogdem said...

isn't that what the constitution party is for?

Greendogdem said...
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Unknown said...

Their for pointless, losing, and insignifigant challenges.... Occasionally that's also the role of the Club for Growth too......

Anonymous said...


1) Your post says that Dent is pro-life. The right-wing blog says that Dent is pro-choice. I'm assuming the far-righties are pissed at him for being pro-choice (which is why Tom Ridge couldn't pass VP muster). But, please clarify;

2) The right wing of the GOP will ONLY continue their kamikaze mission of purging their Party of "pretenders/heretics" who are not 100% litmus-tested conservative Republicans;

3) The farther these radical nut-bags manage to push their candidates into the "Santorum Zone," the more they will scare moderates, Independents, and the vast majority of voters in the "Sensible Center" of the political spectrum into the Democratic column.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Bernie K, Thanks for pointing out the error. I corrected it.

Anonymous said...

If in fact, Dent faces a challenge because of his positions on the two issues mentioned, the dem's will certainly be rooting for the un-named "wing-nut" to win a primary.
It would almost guarantee a victory for a reasonable and competent demo candidate in the general election.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Dg, You're absolutely right! In fact, in this election, Dertinger's srategy was to paint Dent as some sort of extreme right wing rubber stamp. And this is where I'm a bit puzzled. Toomey is far to the right of Dent, but he was wildly popular in the LV and nearly knocked off Specter. Go figure.

Julian Stolz said...

Cortese is a good friend of mine and while he is VERY conservative, he's also very likeable. He'd stand a good chance in the general IF the Dems don't run Boscola/Callahan/Cunningham and instead go with a Dertinger/Driscoll/Orloski type.