Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bloggin' on WGPA 1100 AM With State Rep. Rich Grucela

Pennsylvania Democrats needed to gain eight seats to take control of the state house. It increasingly appears they will gain only seven, leaving Republicans with a very slim majority. But this new state house, chastened by voters' rebuke after its midnight payraise, should prove to be a much more responsive body.

Although most are furious with their state legislators, a few have escaped public wrath. One of these is state representative Richard T. Grucela, who represents the 137th legislative district that meanders from Bangor into Palmer Township. He ran unopposed. (I was going to wage a write-in campaign, but forgot how to spell my last name. The poll workers kept teling me it was A-S-S - something, but that didn't seem right).

Rich is my guest tomorrow between 9 and 10 AM on WGPA 1100 AM. Your calls are welcome at 610.866.8074, and you can even livestream the show. If you have any questions for Rich and can't call, feel free to post them on my blog as a comment, and Rich will have answers.

What is the status of impact fee legislation Rich has sponsored for land developers? Will the state house deliver meaningful property tax reform? Are they going to strengthen our Sunshine Act and Right to Know law? Will they finally end the practice of ghost voting? Will Rich insist that leadership accounts be available for public inspection? Tune in tomorrow, and Rich will tell you how he feels, and he's not running for anything.


High Power Rocketry said...

: )

PA progressive said...

I met with Grucela along with some others while lobbying for the minimum wage increase earlier this year. In spite of being a Notre Dame fan I found him very hospitable, welcoming and concerned with working people. I left quite impressed with Rep. Grucela.

Bernie O'Hare said...

PaProgressive, Rich is knowledgable, friendly, responsive and tolerant of diverse views. He doesn't forget his roots. And he's my state rep! I'm a lucky guy.

Whenever he does the radio show with me, the phone doesn't stop ringing. He is everything you say. Today we spoke about third parties, house reforms, the difficulty in getting legislation passed, the need to compromise. He gave specifics with respect to his bill imposing impact fees on developers.

Thanks for your comments.