Saturday, November 04, 2006

Channel 69 Will Televise Four Local Debates Tonight

Tonight, from 8-10 pm, WFMZ Channel 69 will run four "Business Matters" debates back-to-back for state office candidates from the Lehigh Valley.

8:00pm Senator Pat Browne & Candidate Rick Orloski.

8:30pm Representative Karen Beyer & Candidate Linda Minger.

9:00pm Representative Doug Reichley & Candidate Chris "Blue Collar" Casey.

9:30pm Candidates Archie Follweiler & Carl MantzI'd recommend the Reichley-Casey showdown. Anyone who sees that will understand why I've been such a huge Casey fan.


WhetherVain said...

Unless I've missed some of their campaign spots, I think both Orloski & Browne should be complimented on how they've conducted themselves during this race.

We all hate the negativity, name calling and attack ads, so it's refreshing to have a chance to say, "Way to go fellas, we appreciate hearing about your stances and ideas on current issues and items of substance.

LVDem said...

I have a profound respect for Orloski after this race. The guy knows his stuff.

If he would have resisted the temptation to run against Charlie Dent every freakin' time, this guy would be a good candidate.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Whethervain & LVDem, Orloski has persuaded me he is not just a class act - he belongs in one of those offices. He is clearly superior to Pat Browne, who himself is no slouch.