Monday, November 06, 2006

Follweiler - Fresh Air in 187th Legislative District

The 187th legislative district includes Heidelberg, Lowhill, Lynn, North Whitehall, Weisenberg, parts of Upper Macungie, Kutztown, Lyons, Topton, Longswamp, Maxatawny and Richmond. Republican Carl Mantz is opposed by Democrat Archie Follweiler, Jr. Both candidates are reform-oriented. Both were inspired to run by the midnight legislative payraise. Follweiler is a genuine alternative energy advocate, and is a co-founder of the Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Association.

Although a Morning Call account of this race depicts Mantz and Follweiler as old friends, that's difficult to reconcile with some of the negative advertising being run by the Mantz campaign. And that casts doubt on Mantz' claim to be a true reformer.

Follweiler has been endorsed by The Morning Call. More importantly, Lehigh County Redneck likes him, and he was the first candidate endorsed by LVDem. That's good enough for me.


Anonymous said...

Eighty percent of the votes cast today will be done on machines controlled by corporations that are heavy donors to the Republican Party. See "Hacking Democracy" on HBO. There is no way that election officials are permitted to examine the machinery for pre-rigged controls that will tally the votes in favor of Republicans no matter how lopsided the real vote is in favor of Democrats. The absence of any commentary from this blog or any other mainstream corporate media on this point is the reason why, short of revolution, our democracy is gone. There are more honest elections south of the border than what we will witness here.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anon. Thanks for your post. You're referring to the Diebold machines, which are being used in LC. Actually, I did have some commentary on this topic here. Last night, cspan radio had an hour of presentations by the fellow who discovered Dieboild deficiencies. I've read many pieces in mainstream and alternative media about this problem. Here's a comment that was posted today! If you go to google, you'll find 2.3 million hits on electronic touch screen voting. So I'd hold off on that revolution for a few days.


Gotta love C-Span radio. I listen often on Sirius to that channel

Bernie O'Hare said...

I play C-Span radio on the net. On Sunday nights, theu do replays of all the sunday news shows.