Friday, November 10, 2006

Nazareth Official Claims Open Meetings "Too Unwieldy"

"Sunshine Act? We don't need no stinkin' Sunshine Act!"

That's the sentiment reflected in the latest from Nazareth. Unelected borough councilman Conrad Bowers has been conducting weekly meetings at Lafayette Ambassador Bank. These include two other council members, the mayor, chief of police and borough secretary. I don't really know what this committee calls itself because it's listed nowhere on the borough's web page.

What do they talk about? Beats me. We're not welcome.

Today's 2 P.M. meeting was closed to the public. Admitting the riff raff would make these sessions "too unwieldy," according to comments Bowers made to Express Times reporter Courtney Lomax. It's just "not going to work out." He actually admitted that, although he doesn't know what the Sunshine Act requires, the people's business will nevertheless be conducted behind closed doors.

On Tuesday, Nazareth lost a round in Sunshine Act litigation filed in August. Its officials have seen first hand how upset they made citizens by meeting privately. They nevertheless insist on government secrecy. Maybe they're interrogating terrorists.

A few of these shrouded council members must face the voters in 2007. These include Conrad Bowers. They also include Larry Stoudt, who arrogantly told a Morning Call reporter, "if officials had to alert the public every time a couple of them got together, no business would ever get accomplished."

"Sunshine is the best disinfectant." Unless they come to their senses soon, Bowers and Stoudt must be rejected next time they seek office.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps they (council members) do not care, but the citzens of Nazareth will not easily forget the arrogance exhibited towards us in the last few months. Thanks to this lawsuit, it will be kept present in our minds through the next election. I can assure you we will do everthing we can to boot them out!!!