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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

LV Dems Endorse Giordano for Superior Court

Judge Emil Giordano, flanked by his sister and brother
If you have insomnia and need help falling asleep, go to Northampton County Judge Emil Giordano's Facebook page. It's by no means boring, but you can't help but get tired after seeing all the places he has visited in his quest for one of the 15 seats on Pennsylvania's Superior Court. He's everywhere. By now, he must have met every registered voter at least seven times. In fact, looking at that page makes me realize that Pennsylvania really is a beautiful state.

Come November, I believe Lehigh Valley voters will be sending a third judge to a higher court.

Judge Giordano has qualities that every judge should possess. He is patient, courteous and willing to listen to both sides before he makes a ruling. Another quality is that he's an everyman. He carries no airs and you would never know he was a juge if you saw him off the bench.

It's rare to see prominent members of one party endorsea candidate in the other party, but it's happening for Judge Giordano. He's just picked up endorsements from former Democrat Superior Court Judge Robert Freedberg, former Democratic Court of Common Pleas Judge William Moran, Democratic Mayor of Easton Salvatore Panto Jr, Democratic Mayor of Whitehall Ed Hozza, Democratic Mayor of Northampton Tom Reenock, Mayor of the North Catasauqua Bill Molchany, Jr, and Democratic Bethlehem City Councilmen Eric Evans and Mike Recchiuti.

“I am honored to have the support of these strong and committed local elected officials and that they recognize that I am the best candidate to serve all Pennsylvanians on the Superior Court,” said Judge Giordano. “I have great respect for their work and I truly appreciate their support as I seek to serve all citizens of the Commonwealth as a judge on the Pennsylvania Superior Court.”

Judge Giordano has also been endorsed by the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Fraternal Order of Police, Pennsylvania State Troopers Association, Pennsylvania Medical Society, National Federation of Independent Businesses, Pennsylvanians for Effective Government, Le-Hampton Lodge 35 FOP, Allegheny County FOP, Queen City Lodge FOP, Scranton FOP, Pennsylvania Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), ABC Eastern Pa. Chapter and has earned the “recommendation” of the Pennsylvania Bar Association, Firearms Owners Against Crime and LIFEPAC.

Judge Giordano has been on the bench in Northampton County since since 2003. Prior to being elected, Judge Giordano served as an assistant district attorney, assistant public defender, civil litigator and as lead counsel in his private law practice. Judge Giordano resides in Bethlehem with his wife Tina and his two sons, Joseph and Caden.

He does not mention this, but let me tell you he is also one of the best youth sports coaches I've ever seen.

Judge Giordano's opponent in November is yet another Philadelphia judge. Nice lady, but I think we also have several of those.


Anonymous said...

Panto supported a republican??????? The Easton Dems must be going nuts right now.

Anonymous said...

You need to vote for "The BEST Person" for the position, NOT the party!!!!!
Judicial races are about the PERSON, NOT the party!!!

Bernie O'Hare said...

I agree and will be voting for Giordano.