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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Wanna' Win a Bike?

Joanne Jackson is one of the four Democrats seeking an at-large seat on Lehigh County's Board of Commissioners next week. Fundraising in these local raises has been anemic, which I think is a good thing. To raise money, Jackson is raffling off her 7th grade bicycle.

She also rode it after the Kevin Dougherty rally yesterday. I kicked in $5.

The other Democrats running include Dan Hartzell, The Morning Call's former Road Warrior; Hillary Smith, a marketing professional; and Bob Martin, a public relations professional.

Jackson and Hartzell appear to be the two strongest Democrats.

Their Republican opponents are Marty Nothstein, a former Olympic cyclist; Vic Mazziotti, Former Fiscal Director at NorCo; Brad Osbourne, a local plant manager; and Amanda Holt, a piano teacher who was appointed to the Board.

They don't need any raffles, although a dunk tank for Wayne Woodman would probably bring in millions.


Joanne Jackson said...

So glad that we were able to talk last night and have some laughs. I appreciate your blog and really enjoyed speaking with you. Thanks for the cute photo and that is my best fan, Kalean Wagner, joining me in my fund raising efforts. Again, enjoyed us meeting face to face--thank you Bernie, Jo

Anonymous said...

Lehigh county voters have next to no information on any of the challengers. The incumbents have records to review.. But as for Hartzell, Smith, Jackson, Nothstein and Martin there is very little to base a decision on except campaign talking points. The race has barely been covered. There was no debate. Just a deluge of palm cards that say basically nothing. No wonder few show up at the polls.

Bernie you should provide a forum for candidates in LC. Ask your readers for questions, submit them to all candidates and post unedited responses Sunday night.

Anonymous said...

Why the comment on Wayne Woodman? I only know him personally, but he seems like a great father, good husband and has always treated me kindly. Just an observation.

Anonymous said...

why was there NO DEBATE in lehigh County in this important race????

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:55. Wayne Woodman and Lisa Scheller run RestorePA PAC (the machine)... they are funding the campaign for

Brad Osborne - New head puppet of the machine

Vic Mazziotti - The consigliere of the machine

Amanda Holt - The chosen child who never paid any property taxes

Marty Nothstein - The I am an Olympic champion vote for me please guy

Anonymous said...

Giving a $14 tax cut is noting more thannan attempt buy votes with taxpayer money. Floating a bond to give a tax cut is not responsible. Bonds are floated for many good reasons, however I rather see my $14 go towards debt service. This $14 will cost the taxpayers more in interest.

Ron Beitler said...

That seems to imply a bond is being used to "balance the budget. . .

In Lehigh County the proposed 2016 bond is to fund 1. Cedarbrook renovation or new bldg. 2. old courthouse renovation 3. emergency management vehicles and 4. several other high cost, long lifetime assets.

All major capital items. Very appropriate. Major ONE TIME capital expenditures are a common use of bonds.

Total estimated annual cost for the 8-yr life of the bond is about $365k and is built into the 2016 budget.