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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Opinions Online, October 10, 2015

Blogger's Note: Opinions Online is a regular Saturday feature. If you'd like to express your opinion on any topic, click on the Opinions Online button on my left sidebar. You can also call 385-325-2564. In addition to these submissions, I am taking some comments from throughout the week and re-publishing them here.


Sadly there is no real Commissioner race in South Whitehall Township, 3 candidates for 3 open positions. However I would like to go and apply a good old fashion "NO" for Glenn Block. Mr Block has made a mockery of the commissioner seat he holds. His latest crusade is to ban parking of tractor trailers outside of his office, and is using his commissionership to try and facilitate making the area No Parking. Luckily 3 other commissioners decided to vote against making this ordinance. the morning call has run some good article about the situation.... sadly there are no other options on election day in South Whitehall.


As a RETIRED Allentown Police Officer who worked with both candidates for Lehigh County Sheriff and has taken a keen interest in the upcoming elections, I have a big problem with the Joseph Hanna campaign contributions. Upon researching the campaign contributors I was able to determine that fourteen [14] big contributors to the campaign of Edward PAWLOWSKI are donating to the Hanna campaign. Some of these donators are on the FBI list. This only suggests to me that PAWLOWSKI is involved in the election and has a hand in the outcome. Therefore, I cannot vote or support Mr. Hanna! Hanna was always a politician and his spin doctor routine always made him look good. But he cannot deny that his record as Operations Chief was abysmal during his term with the APD with some of the most violent crime numbers in the history of the City of Allentown. Surely, the citizens of Lehigh County must be aware of this fact!


On Tuesday the Morning Call had an article about the Anizda lawsuit moving through the courts and whether they should pay property taxes or not. They have a good thing going. When it comes to paying taxes they say they are public and don't have to pay them. When it comes to transparency with public meetings, audits, the right to know law etc. they say they are private and they don't have to comply. They want the best of both worlds.


The first Democratic party presidential debate is coming up on the 13th. Bernie Sanders, the 2nd highest polling candidate in national polls and 1st place in polls in early primary states New Hampshire and Iowa , is asking his supporters to host debate watch parties around the country.

The largest of these watch parties in the northeast is in Allentown. Only two other debate watch parties on the east coast have more RSVP's, events in DC and Florida.

I ask any who wish to watch the debates as part of a group to come do so with us at the Allentown Brew Works High Gravity Room on the 13th. We will be starting at 7pm with live music, the debate starts at 9. If you wish to learn more about Bernie Sanders this is a great event to come to as many of his supporters from around the valley will be there.



Election time Robo-calls. I honestly can't think of ONE person who relishes the thought of being interrupted during the day with this partisan propaganda. We have this mechanism called DO NOT CALL which supposedly allows me to curtail unsolicited incoming calls. HOW IS IT THAT POLITICIANS - THAT DO THE PUBLIC BIDDING - ARE ALLOWED TO SELFISHLY EXEMPT THEMSELVES FROM OUR DESIRE NOT TO HEAR FROM THEM? They do as I say and I say that I would like them to respect my desire not to receive these calls! What needs to be done to have this wish fulfilled? This isn't rocket science.


Today (Friday) the House of Representatives voted to reinstate the Export-Import Bank and Rep. Dent said he would vote for the legislation. Air Products has received $350 million in funding assistance since 2007. Over the same time period Rep. Dent has received political donations from Air Products employees. Do we then make the connection to money for a vote?

Is it reasonable to connect the political contributions he has received from people connected to B Braun Medical and Dent's support for eliminating the 3.5% tax on medical devices?

Or better yet, what does a practicing lawyer get for political donations to judicial candidates?

Point is, if you are going to connect money in politics to an honest guy like Willie Reynolds you should make the connection to others, even if you may have a personal connection to those politicians. Seems like the fair thing to do.


Where are the debates in Lehigh County? Would like to hear Amanda Holt expain herself in regard with "no intent" to seek election after being appointed. What we have here appears to be a puppet for "RESTOREPA", the PAC run by wayne woodman and Lisa Scheller. Holt lives with mommy and daddy and has never paid property taxes.

She has contributed ZERO money to her own campaign, primary and now...

How do you not be a puppet to RESTOREPA when your only campaign donations or funds come from RESTOREPA????


I sincerely appreciate the work of NorCo elections folks. They're fast and reliable. They've been pleasant and helpful when I've called. But why don't absentee ballots fit properly into the absentee ballot envelope without additional, clumsy folding? Must the ballots be the size/dimensions they are? While not the world's most pressing issue, it's still a pain in the ass.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bell & Evans

Bernie O'Hare said...

Tammy and Jamie,

I am a local political blogger. You have in your employ a person named [redacted], who is currently being sued for defamation by Lehigh County DA Jim Martin. He is also a troll on local blogs, including mine. He has his own blog, in which he is in the middle of a war with his cousin. If you scroll down his right sidebar, you'll see he has a rather extensive enemies list that includes me and many others, including that cousin. You will also see his unhinged comments here.

Over the years, he is responsible for numerous anonymous attacks on several blogs, including my own.

I understand that is none of your concern. But now, anonymously, I am getting comments listing the names of some of the food brands you represent. Though he will deny it if confronted, I am certain these are being posted by him in order to make some goofy point with his cousin.

I don't think it is in your interest for your company to have a person in your employ who is unable to control his hate, and who posts the brands that you promote. I am asking you to instruct him not to post any more comments on my blog, anonymously or otherwise. I realize he will claim it is his cousin or me, but I don't believe him. If I wanted to interfere with his employment, I wold have written to you long ago. I just don't want to deal with junior high school nonsense. Thank you.

Bernie O'Hare

Anonymous said...

Wow the man loses his daughter to a drunk and now you are trying to get him canned. You learn that move from Angle?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Drop the grieving father routine. The grieving father is not so grief stricken when he falsely accuses a catholic priest friend of mine of pedophilia, ow when he sends emails to people I mention on this blog. The whole war wth his cousin stsrted just bchis cousin dared comment here. HE'S A vicious man, and despite that, I am not trying to get him fired. I am trying to get his employer to direct him to stop commenting here. I doubt they know they hired a complete lunatic, butafter they see his blog, they'll know.

Anonymous said...

Bernie boy knows Jeffrey Anthony's legal "actions" are hogwash but he says nothing because he hosts a hate blog whose primary purpose is to punish his enemies at least the silver fox has the courage to have an actual list, jus sayin...

Anonymous said...

As someone who appears on the notorious Sidebar Of Hate, I can categorically state that I will definitely NOT patronize any company that has anything to do with Blog Mentor.

Anonymous said...

Wow the man loses his daughter to a drunk and now you are trying to get him canned. You learn that move from Angle?

Lose the hatred, and open your damned eyes. Bernie didn't say anything about getting anyone "canned". Maybe if you slept in the wee hours of the morning like a normal person, your 2 brain cells could work in harmony to work at capacity when called upon.

Anonymous said...

Why would The Pawloski Democratic machine be spending $$$ to elect Sheriff Hanna ?

Pete from Bethlehem said...

the "grieving" father should put his "sorrow" to good use and be an advocate against drunk driving and the associated peanlties. He puts his "grief" towards hate, and in the long run demeans his own departed daughter and her legacy by making it about himself. I doubt he has commented on Senator Pat brownes battles with drinking...cause it doesnt cause the hate within him to make him an internet tough guy

my 2 cents


Anonymous said...

Pete your pusillanimous, jus sayin...

The Blanker

Bernie O'Hare said...

I always love when someone who lacks the coragevtonidentifyvhimself calls someone else a coward. Hopefully, Tammy and Jamie will tell [redacted] that his conduct is unacceptable and has to stop.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this man will consider legal action for your libeling him and defaming him to his employers. Didn't the court order you often cite go both ways?

Bernie O'Hare said...

Anonymous coward, He is perfectly free to do whatever he wants. He began violating that agreed court order on the day it was entered, and continues to do so routinely. His sidebar contains multiple references to me, by name, and has been changed numerous times since the entry of that order. I followed the order scrupulously, but he has violated it so often I lost count. I no longer consider myself bound by rhat order, but have enough respect for the court to avoid mentioning him by name. He has thumbed his nose at the courts, but might be forced to listen to the people who put bread and butter on his table.

Anonymous said...

I am no fan of Dent, but I think the Air Products connection is quite a stretch. They have a lot of employees, including many who don't support him. Unless the contributions are pretty consistent and from the higher-ups at the company, and Dent lobbied particularly hard for the bill, rather than just voting for it, there probably isn't anything there.

The lawyers donating to judicial candidates is a much bigger deal. It is ridiculous that we elect judges to begin with. There is a good reason that federal judgeships are appointed and have lifetime tenure.

Anonymous said...

Yo ownder how it is they hired him wihtout looking him uopon google because all his crazy stuff comes up rightat tge top. Maybe there like him

Anonymous said...

Lehigh Valley Nobody is back in the news? LOL. Loser.

Anonymous said...

Bushkill Township Supervisor Harrison Kline Jr. receives stones from PennDot for free to fix up parking pad on his personal property and he uses public / township owned vehicles for his personal use. I have no idea who this guy is , what party he represents, but I am all for exposing this thief and all the other thieves in supposedly serving the public...lol

keep taking pictures of this thief and any other political thief who abuses their position. I am so sick of elected officials playing this game. as the town gets bigger, so do the entitlements. in Allentown , if your daddy or mommy serve on city council, you get a job in the city and your parent gets a 30,000 donation.

what exactly can a private citizen do with this solid info/ real evidence ?
who can they take it to for some type of action ? is this something the state police would get involved with ?

in the old days the people would have addressed this issue in the town square and it wouldn't end well for the thief/ politician. if he plays games like this, one can only imagine what else he is up to.

character is what one does when nobody is looking, and it is quite obvious this is a dirt bag as are most, not all , elected officials.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I f you have evidence, please send it to me. Because he is a public official, I published your comment. But it is a serious allegation. Yes, you should ask police to investigate and should also send what you have to me. I have no idea what is motivating you.

Anonymous said...

The Blog Mentor has a Catholic priest on his black list? Ur kidding right? What a whacko!

Anonymous said...

I think the Cruesaders of Norte Dame of Green Pond can take the Red Rover of Easton in a contest of football! Booyah!!!

Anonymous said...

Blog Mentor is totally deluded and crazy. It's incredible to see him talk to himself under several different alias all day over at his blog...you think he'd at least change his writing/link style when posting as "city officials" and others. How does he not realize that literally everyone sees through that? The tough guy, name calling schtick is pretty pathetic and tired too.

He thinks the entire Lehigh Valley fears him when in reality they laugh at him and mock him. He squandered any sympathy years and years ago.

Anonymous said...

Wow, not only are you blowing off the court order, you are allowing all these personal attacks on your blog. This man is being defamed and libeled by you and your poison posse. I guess some people only obey the laws they want.

He may well have a court case to file after reading all these personal attacks as well as trying to have him fired.

Anonymous said...

12:48, give me a fucking break. Blog Mentor has been violating that court order since the day it came down. He's a silly-ass joke that no one respects - it isn't libel when it's true.

...and if that asshole wants to talk about "personal attacks" or trying to have people fired, I'm sure Bernie would be happy to throw down (and completely destroy his bitch ass) in court. BM has been in contempt for years. I think people just tolerate him because they know he is either mentally ill or literally retarded.

Anonymous said...

Sad obsession.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"The Blog Mentor has a Catholic priest on his black list? Ur kidding right? What a whacko!"

Unfortunately, this is no joke. He has made vile accusations of pedophilia against this priest. I urged this cleric to sue him, but he told me he would turn the other cheek. When this priest was going to be ordained in Easton's Our Lady of Lebanon, the Blog Mentor actually threatened to disrupt the ceremony. He wrote to the seminary complaining about him, too. He does not even know him.

This priest's sole sin is that he is my friend. For that reason, and that reason alone, Villa makes outrageous claims about him. He has also written to literally hundreds of people to complain about and try to destroy me. I have copies of about 80 of these emails bc Villa used to send copies to me to taunt me. When I first appeared on TI's Business Matters, he began attacking Iannelli. That has continued. He slammed Alan Jennings for having me on LV Discourse as a guest, and has attacked him since then.

When Mezzacappa started her libel campaign against me, he met with her and encouraged her when everyone with an ounce of sense was telling her to stop. That's why I call him the Blog Mentor. Hasn't turned out too well for her, and i'm sure he's secretly laughing at her.

He hated Stoffa, whom he never met. He went to a meeting, sat next to Stoffa, said "something stinks," and walked away.

MM can't look at his blog without scrolling thru comments that the BM posts there anonymously.

This is a guy who was actually happy when Michael Donovan was battling cancer and went from there to attacking Donovan's ex as well as his children.

Who does that?

My first experience with this guy was when he came on my blog and posted a comment wishing that DA Jim Martin explode while eating a cheese steak. I don't like when people wish death or misfortune on others. For taking issue with him, I incurred his immediate wrath.

When he's in the thick of it with someone, a comment will appear somewhere anonymously, that makes all kinds of vile remarks about his departed daughter, who by all accounts were a very nice young lady. That's when the grieving father routine starts, along with all kinds of insinuations that the comment must have come from this person or that person. He never mentions the possibility that he did it himself. Only team members can post on his blog. Only he and his wife are team members. It is full of all kinds of anonymous hate-filled rants aside from the comments he signs. He also makes up names for other commenters and poses as them. Ironically, he accuses me of doing what he does.

Now he is in the middle of a war with his cousin, brought about simply bc his cousin dared to post a comment here.

He has been posting comments at nearly every entry on this blog, taking shots at his cousin. I delete most of them. He disrupted the Opinions Online feature by starting to post the brands his employer advertises in some sort of taunt at his cousin, almost immediately after Opinions Online was published. I decided to write to his employer.

He has repeatedly violated a court order. He has established himself as a liar who can't be trusted to be honest, even to his own "friends" on Facebook. Maybe he will listen to his employers.

alfonso todd said...

Hoping for the best....

Alfonso Todd

Rich Fegley said...

Don't worry, I'm sure the FBI is watching all of this in Allentown.

Everything these trolls post is easily tracked by the FBI. This is going to be a huge RICO case and the FBI just may send every nasty, threatening person in the Lehigh Valley to jail.

"This town needs an enema!"

Keep on trolling. Nothing is secret to the FBI in Allentown.

Silly people.

Anonymous said...

I taught at Moravian Academy when the kid that was driving the vehicle the Bowel Movement's daughter was in when she died was in school. Kid was crazy and everyone knew it. She got in the car with him, and she died many years ago now. Bummer, but that mistake can't be undone. People die young a lot - it sucks but it happens. Normal people cope and move on. This jackass' brain is like a prison cell.

The Bowel Movement needs to slither on down the drain. He's going to chew himself up inside with all his hatred. He's in fantasy land if he really thinks a radio station is going to give him a platform at this point for his pointless drivel.

Dandee Man said...

"He may well have a court case to file after reading all these personal attacks as well as trying to have him fired."

He'll have as much chance as you had when you tried to sue for libel, and lost. Yet you had your ass kicked when you were sued.

Anonymous said...

The mentor just posted some pics from his NYC outing with his stunning significant other and I must say he looks great, not quite Anderson Cooper good but it's close. The silver fox with the silver tongue will be back on WAEBV soon enough then you will be treated with a symposium of fact bombs not seen since Walter Cronkite went off the air.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Is this supposed to be an alibi? He can comment here anonymously just as easily from NYC as from here.

Anonymous said...

Hey bernie does the fbi know about fed ed and Joe hanna relationship remember they are both abe's boyfriends

Anonymous said...

Blog Mentor is such a clown. Even Gunther and the rest of the right-wing nuts over at WAEB won't go near his crazy ass.

Rich Fegley said...

Days after the FBI raided Allentown City Hall, Hillary Clinton returned a $1,000 donation from Ed Pawlowski.

Hillary Clinton campaign refunds Ed Pawlowski donation

Ed Pawlowski is "Public Official #3", correct? If the FBI was given permission to spend large sums of money and many man-hours investigating Ed Pawlowski and the City of Allentown, I am very confident that Public Official #3 will be going to jail. The FBI has been looking closely at Allentown since at least 2012.

Alan Jennings has now resigned from ANIZDA to avoid a possible conflict-of-interest with donors giving money to his organization, CACLV.

Hillary returned $1,000 of Pawlowski money to avoid a conflict-of-interest.

Who has received money from Pawlowski and his related PACs? You would all do well to give the money back now before Public Official #3 is convicted. When he is convicted, I hope we all remind one another who was on Pawlowski's "team".

Joe Hanna, Joe Davis and Jeff Glazier are a few of the people that should return Pawlowski PAC donations. When Public Official #3 goes down, politically you go down with him.

Who else is on Pawlowski's "team"?

Pawlowski, other top Allentown Dems form PAC to fund local candidates

michael molovinsky said...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "WPA Labor Bears Fruit":

Your not "happy" unless your unhappy and kvetching about something meaningless, you dour and misguided putz.

Mark as spam

Moderate comments for this blog.

Posted by Anonymous to molovinsky on allentown at October 13, 2015 at 6:09 AM

because the above comment was submitted to my blog anonymously, I can't be certain who sent it. however, I can say that i have received about 2000 similar insults in the last five years, and it's my understanding that the same language about me is repeated over and over on somebody's blog in lehigh valley. this somebody was wishing that wehr's dam would be demolished, and that the WPA walls would be torn down, because he knows that i championed for those structures.

Bernie O'Hare said...

His use of the word "kvetching" demonstrates his anti-Semitism, too. Maybe his employer should be told about that.