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Monday, October 05, 2015

Fed Ed's Picks In Allentown Races

Allentown Mayor Edwin "Fed Ed" Pawlowski, aka Public Official #3, should be regarded by any candidate in this election as a pariah. But despite a federal investigation and mounting evidence that he was the ringleader of a scheme to deprive citizens of their right to honest services, he has arrogantly continued to inject himself in local races.

Last week, in the middle of a student walkout in Allentown, Pawlowski instructed fellow Democrats to work against popular school board President Bob Smith. In 2010, Bob Smith seriously injured himself when he wrapped his arms around a suicide jumper as she hurled herself off a roof. He broke her fall with his own body.

Christian that he is, Pawlowski told Democrats that Smith is no longer "right in the head."  This is typical of the way he speaks about others behind their backs, something I'm sure the feds have learned from reviewing hours of recorded conversations.

Later in the week, from his Facebook page, Fed Ed plugged the City Council candidacies of Candida Affa and Jeff Glazier. He also is backing Mary Ellen Koval for Controller and Audrey Mathison for the school board. He backed these candidates in the primary, too, along with Charlie Thiel and Elizabeth Martinez in the school board races.

People backed by Pawlowski have became his rubber stamps. That's why voters should think before pulling the lever for anyone he supports. In the school board race, Scott Armstrong and Bob Smith have stood up to Pawlowski so long and so often that they deserve election for that reason alone. On City Council, you'll never find a better watchdog of finances than Lou Hershman. And Roger MacLean, the City's former police chief, has first hand experience dealing with Pawlowski's betrayal of the public trust, which started in his police department. Finally, Steven Ramos would be an actual controller, unlike the rubber stamp wasting space in that office now.

Are the people of Allentown finally awake? Will they continue to allow bluebloods like J.B. Reilly or Sy Traub to rob them to give to the rich?

Stay tuned. Election's just one month away. If you don't register now, it's too late.


Anonymous said...

If you are going to quote a statement like "right in the head." you should also post your source. You call people out all the time for anonymous comments. Why can't you link you sources? It is not like this is a newspaper with journalistic responsibility. It's a blog.

Bernie O'Hare said...

There are times when I do not cite sources bc I don't have permission or bc I am specifically asked not to use the person's name. In this case, the person who is my source was at that meeting and heard Pawlowski's defamation. He did not ask me for anonymity, but I gave it to him bc I know what a viper Pawlowski and some of his henchmen can be. Bob Smith knows who heard Pawlowski defame him. I disclosed it to him. Also, I know this person, and have the highest regard for his honesty and integrity.

As for newspapers, they sometimes do not identify sources either. In several of the stories about A-town, they are relying on anonymous sources. So your attempt to claim that I lack a newspaper's "journalistic responsibility" is pure horseshit.

Where I am different is in that I will tell you what I think. Newspapers will not. They pretend to be objective, which is another lie. I don't hide my bias, but I tell the truth.

For years, Pawlowski has been a weasel who slimes even his allies behind their backs. As one of his dwindling number of sycophants, you should know this. I just revealed what a rube he is.

Anonymous said...

Since it is well known that you are not "right in the head", I see little value in your comment. You are a rumor mongering fish wife who will say and do anything to destroy people you want destroyed.

Why do you think this blog is considered a hate blog and your acolytes are known as the poison posse.
You need a cold one.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Time for your drug cocktaii, Tricia Mezzacappa. Better be gathering the rest of what you owe bc we are molon lobe-ing the hell out of you.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ramos may be a fine man but he is most certainly not ready for for prime time, not by any standard. Read his statements.
Saying this is not an endorsement of the machine candidate.
Politics is most often a lose/lose position in the City Without Limits.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Affa spends most of her time at her vacation home, out of state.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that Ms Affa wont last long. Once she gets the heat from poor attendance she will resign citing health reasons. This position is just an ego thing for her no longer attractive with the pending loss of her power broker buddy the mayor.

Anonymous said...

......another rubber stamp.

Anonymous said...

Could it be true?
Young Mike, the Boy Representative formality from New Jersey, is taking to the FBI?
He's been flipped?

Anonymous said...

Mikey Schloss is so arrogant. Every event I have seen him at he is constantly checking his phone. Maybe he is tweeting his constituents since it seems he has a hard time actually representing them. I hear he will be getting a credible challenger, it should make things interesting!

Anonymous said...

The kid is a joke---A caricature of a hack politician.