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Friday, October 09, 2015

Gort's Blogroll

My standards for putting someone on my blogroll are admittedly low. I will link to anyone unless he or she stops posting for a period of six months or more. But up in the coal regions, where men are men and women are men, too, my friend Gort reminds everyone that there are lots of local blogs.

 A Big Fat Slob , after a four-year break, pens a Donald Trump version of the Gettysburg Address

"Potential 2032 Democratic Presidential nominee Omeed renamed his blog Firouzi Files . He likes Joe Biden.

"John Cole Cartoons is one of the best in the business.

"NCFE touches on politics and has observations on life, the universe, everything plus he is a fan of  Hunter Thompson. Give me ether.

"2 Political Junkies keep  us up to date on Pittsburgh and national politics. They keep Jack Kelly honest. 

"Lehigh Valley Ramblings is one of the best local political blogs in the country. Bernie does a lot of original reporting that results in some very entertaining pissing contests.  No pot belly pigs were harmed writing this post.

"The Lu Lac Political Letter is regarded as the gold standard of local NEPA political blogs. The Yonk has built it into something of a media empire with his appearances on TV and radio.

"The reluctant Democratic Committeeman Another Monkey has been busy shooting the moon.

"Big Dan flies the false flag.

"Keystone Politics is a progressive Philadelphia blogger that supports the Guv and bike riding.

"The author of Susquehanna River Sentinel is a local product that now lives in the Philly area and is one the best sources of information about the River and the environment. 

 "One of my first friends in this blogging thing was a guy from New York who helped me win some awards that don't seem to matter much now. Simply Left Behind  is the only site outside PA on the blogroll.

"The Pennsylvania Progressive is like me. Slaking off. 

"Above Average Jane is another one from the early days of hobby bloggers.

"I still can't read Posts From The Fringe because of the background.  

"Michelle doesn't post on her blog often she really hit on this one 

"What happened to Jennie Monica? 

"Pittston Politics stopped posting over the summer but he has threatened to come back.  It looks like Joe has given up on the blogging thing in favor of posting right wing talking points onFacebook. Guns good, Rebel flag good and abortion bad.

 "The Keystone Report looks similar to Drudge but  it's must visit everyday because Chris gives us all the headlines and his hair looks mahvellous. 

"Then there is the Blogfather. My inspiration and mentor. Wilkes-Barre Online probably got rid of the worst Mayor in the the history of the city. After his mission was complete he seemed to loose  his focus and now blogs infrequently at Circumlocution."


Anonymous said...

It isn't surprising that Gort recognizes your blog as one of the best political blogs in the country, but he doesn't mention that pile of crap West Easton Fossil that nobody ever read or talked about, and disappeared like a wet fart in the wind. O'Hare KO's the competition, and pisses them off so badly that they defame him and lose their house, their car, and ability to find a job. Must really suck to be bludgeoned by the truth that hard.

Kudos for being recognized for this major award.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Thanks. It's just a shout out. I've known Gort since I began blogging, and am very flattered by his kind words. They were unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

What competition? Please don't call Mr.
Dees a fossil.

Anonymous said...

What's the big deal? Some guy rips off the name of a movie robot. He should be sued for copyright infringement.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:25

The OP of 12:16 was referring to a hate blog called West Easton Poop Print that Mezzalunatic used to defame people on. It was nothing more than her insane rants and screeds toward those on her personal enemies list. She now hides it from public view because she doesn't want the public to see how completely nuts she is. She couldn't compete with Bernie's investigative writings and ever increasing readership.

Anonymous said...

Bernie, not quite a gut buster but allmost¿!($ Is that thing taking a leak from the opening in its head¿!($
Ron and you squating next to a tree with guns in hand and back door of union longjohns on pinching a log would be very similar to the triboro's political atmosphere locally¿!($
Both of your log drops would be very close and similar too those in official seats¿!($

patent pending