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Friday, October 02, 2015

John Brown Proposing a No-Tax Hike Budget

Northampton County Executive John Brown is proposing a no-tax hike budget next year. His 2016 spending plan was released to Council at the end of their meeting on October 1, two days before it was due. Northampton County administrators will post Brown's proposal online for public inspection as well.

The budget plans to use $9.3 million in reserve funds to balance out spending next year, and will keep the tax rate steady at 11.8 mills.

Brown proposes no reductions to the health plans currently offered to county workers beyond those imposed last year.He is giving nonunion employees a cost of living adjustment in their wages. He also wants to set aside one mill in taxes ($7.4 million) for capital projects.

If Council fails to make any changes or rejects this proposal, it will become the budget for next year. Council can, however, make changes to the budget.


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God Bless John Brown!

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