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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Iron Lady Explains Need For Ethical Inquiry in Allentown

The Iron Lady
Not long ago, The Morning Call's Bill White penned a petulant as opposed to pensive column defending his newspaper's subpar Allentown coverage as thorough and fair. "[M]isrepresentations" to the contrary were dismissed as "hogwash." Since that time, the paper has failed to write a word about Allentown Mayor Edwin "Fed Ed" Pawlowski's bungled quarterly senate expense report, which somehow missed about $38,000 in contributions, and has drawn a rare letter of inquiry from the FEC. Most recently, he himself has suggested that an Allentown City Council investigation into unethical behavior by its elected officials is a "bad idea." He's told Allentown's very own Iron Lady, Jeanette Eichenwald, to "butt out."

Here's what the Iron Lady says.

Dear Mr. White

In reference to your column dated 10/13/15, it is the responsibility of Allentown City Council according to the charter in section 210 to hold an investigation, open to the public and with subpoena power, if there is suspected unethical behavior by city elected officials. Obviously, it is the responsibility of the FBI to investigate illegal activity but it falls to City Council to investigate unethical behavior not rising to the status of illegality. This process is meant to provide the citizens of Allentown with good government.

It has come to the attention of city council members that city funds were allegedly spent to sweep the office of the mayor in a quest to locate hidden FBI listening devices; that taxpayer funds were allegedly used to purchase burner phones; that employees in City Hall were allegedly ordered to erase emails after the first FBI raid of City Hall, that employees were allegedly threatened with dismissal from their jobs if they did not respond to questioning by authorities in a manner deemed appropriate by the administration; that employees were allegedly ordered to participate in campaign activities during work hours and other alleged issues. I repeat, these issues are not under the auspices of the FBI investigation but do compromise the integrity of the government of the City of Allentown. It is a wrong assertion that investigating these issues will interfere with the FBI investigation.

If you do not take the time or have the interest to do your own thorough investigation into how this proposed inquiry differs from that of the FBI, rather than create a fiasco, butt out.

Jeanette Eichenwald

Jeanette is obviously correct. Her real problem is that she's the only member of that Council who is an independent thinker. Those rubber stamps aren't going to investigate themselves anymore than Bethlehem City officials will recognize that they are just as heavily involved in pay-to-play as those in Allentown.


Robert Trotner said...

Very true, Bernie. But who would have thought we'd come as far as we have, with much more reform to vome and a write in slate formed to replace three dsmaged-goods council candidates with ethical issues due to their receipt of corrupt money.We have already endorsed Steven Ramos, a true independent watchdog ready to quickly release and analyze all Pawlowski 's contracting and budget information back to 2005. Lou Hershman for city council will be a steady hand and another vote for investigation and corruption reform. As vouncil- and controller -elect they will throw the fear of God into the administration and council. An imminent press release on our other two council candidates is being prepared as we speak. We also have and will announce several short term and long term measures to provide sanity to our deeply disturbed system which has transformed Allentown from a city with a reputation for scandal into a model for good, clean, responsive government.

Robert Trotner said...

Also, the grounds for Jeanette's investigation are so sensible thst presure may beable to be brought to bear on an already weakening council to act on this.

Anonymous said...

This City Council could not find a blueberry pie in a phone booth during a blizzard.Their real mission is to do everything they can to obstruct the Federal investigation at City Hall

Anonymous said...

I've noticed on the City website that the long standing Planning Director has very quietly retired recently and that King Edwin has appointed a replacement. Wouldn't City Council appoint a replacement? Maybe they did and it's something I missed. Just seems that in light of some of the allegations brought out by Jeanette Eichenwald, I'm suprised more employees aren't resigning or retiring.

Anonymous said...

The mayor hires, council confirms.

Anonymous said...

1. Has anyone ever be victorious in a write-in campaign in a general election in the Lehigh valley in last 50 years?? NO

2. Is Morning Call ever going to provide any sort of election coverage?? NO (should be hammering Koval and Glazier on the pay to play cash from palowski PACS.)

3. Will the GOP in Lehigh County do anything for it City Candidates?? NO (they could clean house if the voters knew of the magnitude of pay to play in Allentown, but all the PA Dutchmen wallets are closed to Allentown; Browne is NIZ KING)

Anonymous said...

I will miss this councilwoman.

Anonymous said...

Morning Call Nov 4, 2015


In spite of having their pockets filled with Palowski pay to play cash, Allentownians showed their kind and forgiving nature by returning Controller Koval and Councilman Glazier to City Hall! One observer and voter noted, "In spite of doing nothing and being rubber stamps for the Mayor, these are very nice people. Maybe the next 4 years they can rise above the corruption and start doing the work we elect them to do!