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Saturday, October 03, 2015

Opinions Online, 10/3/15

During a fairly wild week in the Blogosphere, I received only one comment for Opinions Online. This feature depends strictly upon readers. If you want a forum for your views, or want to discuss a topic completely different from the things I bring up, this is your chance. You can post comments by clicking on my left sidebar or calling 385-325-2564. I will run them every Saturday as a regular feature.

A municipal election draws near. This is an opportunity for you to support or oppose different candidates in the Townships, Boroughs and cities, as well as in the county races. You don't need to pay to get your view across.


The final well-deserved nail in the coffin of the Morning Call will be their website. It is borderline unreadable on a smartphone due to the large masthead and constant "subscribe now" boxes you have to X-out. I've yet to use a desktop/laptop computer that the website does not grind to a screeching halt. It literally locks up my laptop for 3 minutes while it loads. Too busy, too much crap bogging it down, unorganized, tough to figure out what's new and what's been on there for a week, it used to be far better. Express-Times wins this one.


The Sands Bethlehem Event Center needs to do a better job of scheduling acts and advertising. The center has a larger capacity than the electric factory, yet they get few to any popular acts. Many of the acts that go to Philly don't like visiting there anyways because the vibe there is horrid. Philadelphia gets skipped on national tours all the time. Advertise Bethlehem as a way to play a show in eastern PA at a place more awesome than Philly! Hell, hire the person that schedules the EFac if you have to. There's money to be made here if they can start getting in better acts.


From Rich Fegley: I would want to support a write-in candidate for Allentown City Council that would have a chance of winning in the upcoming election.

At this point in time, I'd would ask the readers of this blog who they think would have a chance of winning as a write-in. My social circles are not as big as some may think and my well informed choices for candidates are few.

Pawlowski had money $$$ and Mike Fleck to help good citizens decide who to vote for. Where are all the PAC mailers now? Where are the PAC yard signs?

Who should Allentown citizens be voting into City Council on November 3rd? Will voters just vote straight party ticket and write-ins will not be considered? Lou Hershman, will he be considered by party voters?


--The UN General Secretary is calling for gun control in the U.S. over the reported 9 people killed on an Oregon college campus -- This killing of people by gunfire domestically is done by novice non-shooters ,sports or taxpayers. Why are black males disproportionately involved in these crimes? I for one would like to see the NAACP educate our children of color about responsibility and how to be a good citizen. The President will have 'egg on his face" after it come out the shooter asked each victim' what religion they were before they were' shot . He shot the Christians.


Anonymous said...

One student's family claims he singled out Christians. However, other eyewitnesses stated he was rambling about God in general and Faith. I am sure Christian extremists will try to play this tragedy up as another "war" on Christians. It sounds more like a mentally disturbed guy rambling on and touching on God and people meeting him.

Lets not jump to conclusions to make fanatical points in the midst of this horror.

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Every time we have a mass shooting in a place where the law abiding are prohibited from legally having a gun we hear the moonbat battle rattle of "more gun laws needed" and the (shiver) "gun show loophole".

The sad truth is that a man (or a woman) with a gun is necessary to stop a violent person intent on killing (whether it be with a gun, a knife, or a bat). Many on the left marginalize this argument but the fact remains that as long as you have gun free zones bad people will exploit this and hurt people. May God bless the victims of this shooting and provide comfort for the families as well as the survivors.

Anonymous said...

The only thing anyone needs to know about the shooter is that he identified a a conservative republican. That's the problem. Those are the real enemies.

Anonymous said...

Is it legal for a nonprofit such as a public broadcasting station to be renamed
by a corporation? Is that same station going to ever produce a critical report on its corporate sponsor?

Anonymous said...

"The final well-deserved nail in the coffin of the Morning Call will be their website. It is borderline unreadable on a smartphone due to the large masthead and constant "subscribe now" boxes you have to X-out. I've yet to use a desktop/laptop computer that the website does not grind to a screeching halt. It literally locks up my laptop for 3 minutes while it loads. Too busy, too much crap bogging it down, unorganized, tough to figure out what's new and what's been on there for a week, it used to be far better. Express-Times wins this one."

The website is also impossible to read for folks with traditional computers. The image constantly changes to advertisements. It's impossible to read a full page without constant blackouts.

Anonymous said...

The bravest person in America is the second Oregon victim to admit he was Christian after seeing what happened to the first. Oregon has some of the strictest gun control in the US, including universal background check. They didn't work. There are nearly 1,200 state and federal gun laws. Something tells me #1,201 isn't going to provide the solution. With the exception of Birmingham AL, the twenty most gun-violent congressional districts in the country are Democrat controlled; all with very restrictive gun laws. The best way to protect oneself from gun violence is to move out of a blue congressional district. Just look at the Chicago's bloodbath of a couple of weekends ago. Obama chose not to make that massacre "political." I guess black lives don't matter so much, after all.

Anonymous said...

We all know, like it or not, that Louie Hershman is the only one who will shake things up at city hall. He called it pay to play in 2008, no one listened and Palowski had demo party puppet jim spang organize the robo-call campaign against Louie.

Glaser clearly needs to go, he has taken BIG BUCKs from Palowski pay to play machine....

So, Mr Fegley, why dont you organize the demos for louie?

Anonymous said...

Where is the Morning Call Coverage of the municipal elections?

Bernie - if you don't cover, we will get nothing on candidates!

Anonymous said...

If you outlaw guns then only the criminals will have them. Do people really think that the bad guys who are using the guns to commit crimes are going to follow the law. It reminds me of the war on drugs. They are outlawed but you can still buy them in any town

Anonymous said...

It's too late. There are too many guns. Nationwide gun buy back program is a start but till then... we'll have more of the same...

Matt Miles said...


You never know what you can or can't accomplish with a write-in unless you try. When you tell voters that they actually do have a say via a write-in, you get a vary positive reaction.

Anonymous said...

"Another mass shooting sears deep into our collective consciousness, but it is hype and hysteria on the rise, not violence".


Great read

Anonymous said...

criminals are the only ones who cheer for more gun laws.

Anonymous said...

Facts we know....A British-born gunman killed at least nine people in a US college before being fatally shot in a stand-off with police.

Chris Harper-Mercer was born in England before moving to the United States as a young boy.

The 26-year-old, whose social media profiles featured content supporting the IRA.

He demanded to know his victims' religious beliefs before opening fire.

Terrified students told how they cowered behind desks fearing for their lives as a gun maniac went on a murderous college rampage, because they had no protection what so ever as per the well published no carry no guns policies on the schools web site.

The only thing the students could do is hide under a desk and turn out the lights and HOPE the psycho killer left them alone. Great odds? I think not. Hope is not enough to deal with psycho killers. Not sure about you, but I want better odds for me and my loved ones when it comes to psycho killers...

I believe nothing coming from the same admin who also lied about supplying Mexican drug cartels with 2000-3000. plus weapons that killed many innocent people as well as federal agents ...all done to under mine the 2nd amendment with help from the UN and the hell hole known as Mexico and their corrupt govt . all conducted just to prove a point to support their agendas of disarming law abiding citizens a little bit at a time.

Anonymous said...

The psycho will labeled as a 'White' African American, much as they labeled George Zimmerman a 'White' Hispanic. Then they will attempt, as would any good 'progressive journalist', to somehow connect this shooter to a white supremacist group, or other conservative group. The shooter, however, had referenced his disdain for "organized religion", buzzwords frequently used by left-wing groups to disparage and denigrate persons of faith; in brief, this tragedy will become politicized by the left, as dictated by their Progressive Playbook. The U.S. President is nothing if not predictable, and immediately offered up his baseless, biased, uninformed comments before any investigation began. How ironic: since Monday September 28th, there have been 33 shootings in Chicago, IL. This is typical for Chicago. Has the U.S. President commented on the out-of-control use of handguns in his own hometown? Sadly, most of these shootings are Black on Black, a sad statement as to the values within certain segments of America's minority community.

Anonymous said...

Organized religion and God. Unlike the Christian extremists who want to make this all about themselves. For Christ sakes let people grieve without your constant self-pity.

Anonymous said...

But we have the Ten Commandments in NORCO on the wall, all is well

Bernie O'Hare said...

Yes, the plaque on the wall in courtroom one has historical significance and would survive an attack. The individual plaque that Benol brings would fail. So a council member who constantly claims he wants to keep the county out of court is propelling us in that direction.

Anonymous said...

6:46 AM ..it is comments like yours, with out and factual basis, that have divided and destroyed this country. you are a POS.
Despite the real facts , being well known, you continue on with your agenda just like a good little robot.

Go figure another well published no carry , gun free zone under attack from a psycho. look at the web site,. as of yesterday, this college literally boasted about their gun free zone and no carry policiesJust like they did at va tech,
sandy hook, fort hood, columbine and so on ...if no gun zones worked, we wouldn't need gun laws , police and so on and so forth.

now 6:46am . lets look at some real facts that come from your beloved big govts own dept of justice about murders with guns....

Since OVER A THIRD of all firearm Homicides in this country are committed in these 12 cities (Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Detroit, New Orleans,
New York, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Oakland, Memphis, Birmingham, Washington D.C.).

Crack down there. Clean up the mess created by those political parties in charge for decades..UNTIL THEN,BACK OFF.


All controlled by dems and most have been for decades and decades ,
All have high teen preggo rates,
All have strict gun laws.
All have high influx of illegal's.
All have high drug and alcohol rates,
All have high unemployment rates.
All have high rates of welfare, unemployment and food stamp usage, including abnormally high rates of waste , fraud and corruption associated with these programs
All have too many single mothers and a breakdown of the family unit.
All have high gang banger rates,
All have high abortion rates.
And last but not least, All have political corruption/union corruption, second to none other.

A Democrat, socialists, progressives, Marxists, utopia for sure. Funny how most of the political hacks who create the rules , laws and mandate either refuse to live in these hell holes or have 24-7-365 armed security ...

Dispute the facts 6:46 AM !
You can't! Instead you run your mouth with no factual basis, just like your president.

May God help you if you and your loved ones are faced with a crisis. Hiding under a bed, a desk , in a room, in a closet ,in a classroom, with no chance to escape(aka sitting duck) is not a way to deal with psychos with guns, knives, bats, or any other weapon. By the time you use your cell phone to call the police , who will have a gun, your loved ones will be injured, raped or dead. Nice going dad of the year. Your job is to protect and defend your loved ones, at all costs, not shaking in a corner or closet hoping the psycho forgets about you.


Anonymous said...

If we didn't count Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Detroit, New Orleans,
New York, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Oakland, Memphis, Birmingham, and Washington D.C. we would have an extremely low violence rate in this country. We don't have a gun problem, we have a people problem. People who enable violent people to be violent as to create a problem that elicits the age old "we have to do SOMETHING" (queue shining knight with profound advice for stricter gun laws).

For as much as gun shows are maligned I have yet to see a mass shooting at a gun show. Yet the argument is the proliferation of guns is the root cause of violence. That is absurd as blaming cars for automobile deaths.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Before you gun nuts ggo blazing away as usual, give the rest of us a few hours to bury the dead. Geez.

Anonymous said...

When people live their lives with hate and paranoia, that is hard to do Bernie.

Anonymous said...

"The only thing that anyone needs to know about the shooter is that he is identified as a conservative republican. That is the problem. Those are the real enemies."

Is that the fact?

Hey, fuck you, asshole. Because no one else has the balls to say it. So I can and I will.

Bernie O'Hare said...

A person who comments anonymously can't simultaneously pretend that he or she has courage. I understand your anger, though, at what really was a cheap shot.

Anonymous said...

Fine. So I have neither balls nor courage. But a flagrantly inflammatory comment such as 6:46's just can't skate by the boards unchecked. Even the referee BO has acknowledged as much and so I'm ready to go sit in the penalty box now.


Anonymous said...

Facts aren't 'inflammatory', and the claim is well supported by facts. He identified openly as a conservative republican. Homeland security says that they are a much larger threat to Americans than any jihadists. Hopefully, they are watching you right now, you sound like an America hater.


Anonymous said...

"Before you gun nuts ggo blazing away as usual, give the rest of us a few hours to bury the dead. Geez."

Stop it. Before the bodies were removed from the scene, Obama held a rare, late afternoon press conference and challenged anti-gun types to make it political. You endorsed him twice. Own it and don't run away from his bully pulpit. Geez, indeed.

Anonymous said...

"Hopefully, they are watching you right now, you sound like an America hater."

Whatever you say, dirt bag.

Anonymous said...

Keep the Faith my friend.
Another proud member of the tea bagger Party.

Bernie O'Hare said...

"Before the bodies were removed from the scene, Obama held a rare, late afternoon press conference and challenged anti-gun types to make it political. You endorsed him twice"

I am not Obama nor did I endorse him twice nor do I support him now. You obviously are a regular reader of this blog and hence know you are lying. That's what the extremists on both sides do. I have decided that any conversation I host about gun control will NOT be done anonymously, especially since people will lie and will have no respect for the dead.

Bernie O'Hare said...

6:42, go away.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, the only place that acknowledged he was a "conservative republican" was a my space profile that was updated 5 times after the perp was dead. So read into that all you want, but it doesn't make it a fact.

Anonymous said...

Actually, 'just for the REAL record', it was on a dating site he had joined. But please, don't let anything like facts get in the way of your pathetic whining.


Anonymous said...

Identifying him with conservative political affiliation is like affiliating him with people who wear Asics running shoes. Both are represented by countless people who have not committed mass murder.

One good thing that came out of this was a military vet who used his body to shield others (sorry his name escapes me). His godundme has 75k in a couple of days. I will continue to pray for the souls of the departed and the healing of those who survived.

Anonymous said...

How about the looming showdown between Jeff Ant-honey and the silver fox ad man? Word on the street is the power pop prince of A-Town has been doing crossfit religiously for sometime, could the flabby, senile and pusillanimous putz Jeff-ray do anything to even make it interesting?

Bernie O'Hare said...

This comment, obviously from the Bkog Mentor, refers to a war he is waging now against his own cousin, Jeff Anthony. As I understand it, Jeff Anthony made tge unpardonable error of commenting here and saying who he is. That outraged tge Blog Mentor, who responded with all kinds of threats between his usual routines of rolling around on the floor and foaming at the mouth. the Blog Mentor drew a line in the sand, and when Anthony crossed it, he drew another one. Anthony crossed tgat one, too. Now this coward, who currently is losing a defamation suit filed by Jim Martin, can only respond with narcissistic comments about himself, all made anonymously. His homeowners insurance, forced to represent him in the libel suit, want to dump him. He is making it that much easier for them.

Anonymous said...


You're going to wind-up making your firm look foolish. Act like a man.

Bernie O'Hare said...


Anonymous said...

Allebach Communications
Souderton PA

YankeeFan said...

The silver fox has never been defeated, Jeff-ray is out of his depth and has somehow mistaken a Molossus for a lapdog. When he comes to his senses and publically apologizes then perhaps his placement on the vaunted sidebar will be reconsidered. Big developement coming in that phony SLAPP suit, get the straight dope on LVS.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The Blog Mentor brays again. He was defeated. Many times. He lost in front of Judge Masut. He saw a lawsuit against me get gutted by Jidge Reibman. And he currently is getting his ass kicked by Jim Martin. The $3.1 million he claimed to have was all a lie, and he has blatantly lied to his Facebook "friends" about his defamation suit. In fact, he even lied to his 90 year-old mother. Of course, that is what people like him do. That's why they get sued. And prosecuted.

Anonymous said...

My name is Jeffrey Anthony.

I've just received a phone call from a cousin on my mother's side telling me of the current conversation going on here. The anonymous comments @10:37 and @11:08 are his, not mine. While I appreciate his efforts on my behalf, anonymous comments are not the way to handle this. Of course, Bernie, I appreciate your (signed) comments and support enormously as well.

I have no way of knowing whether the abusive anonymous comments are from Bill Villa or not. I can, however, tell you what Bill Villa is doing. Recently, Bill cc'd me on this email he sent to a member of my family:


I've given it some thought and consulted with Angie and to remove Jeffrey from here …

> http://bloggingdottie.blogspot.com/2011/01/steinberg-threats-begin-again.html

… here's what I'll need from him by sundown on Saturday …

* Written (Emailed) Apology

* Pledge of no more direct or indirect mentions of me and Angie at Facebook or in blog comments anywhere in the blogosphere

Frankly, I doubt even a pants-pissing whore like Dick Sprague would take on Jeffrey's ludicrous "defamation" case.

But if Jeff won't agree to an apology, and a pledge, and I don't get both by sundown on Saturday, I'll assume he's proceeding with a baseless & frivolous & malicious civil action against me, and I will feature him at LVS, prominently & frequently, so that anybody who Google's his name will find him first & frequently at LVS.

I'll also Dragonetti his dumb fat drunken ass after I kick it real hard in civil court.

Let me know how the negotiation goes, and thanks for your peacemaking efforts.



I have done nothing but respond to abusive emails initiated by Bill Villa. Again, I have not initiated communications with him, only responded. Since then, he has posted snippets of my responses to his emails on "Lehigh Valley Somebody" under the heading of "Cyber Stalking" and "Harassment" and "Bullying." Of course, *responses* to emails can be none of those -- simply by definition. But by contacting me, he was implicitly inviting my response.

More troubling is the extortionistic *tone* of his email which I have reproduced above. Tomorrow, I will be meeting with counsel to determine if his email meets the legal definition of extortion. I will also get an opinion on whether his many other emails (available upon request to anyone who can verify identity) meet the legal definition of harassment. If either or both cases warrant, I will pursue appropriate legal action. Libel, of course, is a foregone conclusion unless all defamatory information is removed.

As you can see, he has pledged to disseminate disparaging information about me. He has done so already and has also included references to my firm. This can be seen on his site.

Let me make this public appeal to you Bill: your behavior is causing great concern within our family. I ask that you put that first and desist. But rest assured that I will not be deterred in pursuing all legal measures if you continue.

In the mean time, I ask that, if in fact you are behind the anonymous comments referencing my name, you have at least the decency and manhood to sign them. Fair enough?

Here is how a signature works:

-Jeffrey Anthony

Anonymous said...


As a bystander with no teeth in any of this, I can calmly and rationally explain a few tidbits of info for you regarding the recent problem you seem to have with your family member. First, anonymous blog comments cannot be traced, now or ever, and much to the chagrin of several folks, are not actionable in court...even when they are heinous.

Seeing the thousands of outlets on social media where a person can comment, blog, post and converse, either by name, or anonymously, why on earth would you choose a completely classless bag of shit, (this blog) as a platform for social media?

The person who runs this blog is a heinous malcontent with no life outside blogging, and will use his keyboard to bash and lie about people habitually. Its owner is a disgraced and disbarred drunk who couldn't attract the ass of a skunk, even with a good amount of bait.

The blog owner is soley responsible for 99.9% of the anonymous comments and falsely impersonates people with disgusting regularity. He seems to get obsessed and hooked on certain people he wishes to terrorize for the rest of his life, because they are some who have called him out as the putrid piece of dangerous and toxic human garbage that he is.

You really make yourself look bad when propping up this assinine blog that is filled with with hate, rage and lies...if you want to heed my advice, stay away from the freak author of this blog....he is a paper tiger who is all smoke and no fire and gets his jollies out of his disassociative personality disorder which contains thousands of fake characters, multiple impersonations, and enough classlessness to make people like Howard Stern look like snow white. He converses with himself all day long, and seems to attract the worst of the worst in society, who fall for the fake and impersonated comments, and the many half truths, trumped up fiction, and delusional garbage he uses as "weapons" (he fails a background check and cannot own real ones, hence his daily bullshit)....no wife, kids who disowned him, no friends, and no dick either.

Is this who you want to be your "hero?"