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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pittsburgh Post Endorses Judge Giordano For Superior Court

You can read the endorsement here. I am more than a little astonished that Judge Giordano's opponent would think she is entitled to the job simply because she is a woman. If Judge Giordano suggested that he should be elected because he is male, he would rightly be branded a sexist. Perhaps she was just relaying what election experts tell her, but it's something that was better left unsaid. Incidentally, ten of the Superior Court's 14 judges are women.


Anonymous said...

No comments on what a paper from Pittsburgh thinks!Could it be super bowl envy at work here?

Scott Armstrong

Anonymous said...

or, it could be no one really cares or understands how important these judicial races are. I don't want to hurt his chances but I am a big supporter of Giordano.

Scott Armstrong

Peter J.Cochran said...

I saw the candidates on c-span -Judge Giordano out classed his opponents. If one votes for a woman for example, BECAUSE your a woman --then perhaps you should not be able to vote at all.It's not about the sex of the jurist,but about justice . This is my opinion . I was there when this jurist was first voted in by the people from Northampton County. Judge Giordano has been a very straight forward man and has displayed compassion for unfortunate people along with having always displayed personal integrity. .