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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Allentown City Council Race Now Includes Two Write-in Candidates

Lou Hershman with his grandson Cole
In response to an ongoing FBI investigation into pay-to-play at City Hall, two well known community activists, Rich Fegley (D), and Shane Fillman (R) have decided run their own write-in campaigns for City Council. Both are part of a bipartisan slate of candidates known as “Reform Allentown Now.” They include City Controller candidate Steven Ramos (R) and City Council candidate Lou Hershman (R). Their platform? Transparency and accountability in our local government.

Both candidates also pledge to work on a resign to run ordinance as well as term limit legislation to ensure that our elected public servants can devote adequate time to their official duties and that they can remain close to the people they represent. Fegley and Hershman, both known for their frequent insights at City Council meetings, will be watchdogs instead of the current crop of lapdogs.

Fegley is a founder and co-owner of Fegley's Brew Works, which has successful businesses in Allentown and Bethlehem. Hershman is a former city controller and Council member and founded the successful Hershman and Associates accounting firm. Fillman, known as the “Mayor of Old Allentown,” has served with the Old Allentown Preservation Association and Historic Architectural Review Board.


Robert Trotner said...

We now have a real chance to stop the damage that has resulted from Allentown's reputation being callously and mercilessl dragged into the mud fir private gsin.. The issues in this race couldn't be cleare nor the consequences any starker.Allentonians can regain their democracy

Anonymous said...


Call Jeff "the Ghost" Glazier - where is he at, in hiding?; ask him about his 100 percent voting record with the Palowisk machine!

Cannot see how anyone with any sense of morality or ethics can vote for Glazier or Koval. Both have failed miserably in their elected duties!

Anonymous said...

Morning Call Nov 4, 2015


In spite of having their pockets filled with Palowski pay to play cash, Allentownians showed their kind and forgiving nature by returning Controller Koval and Councilman Glazier to City Hall! One observer and voter noted, "In spite of doing nothing and being rubber stamps for the Mayor, these are very nice people. Maybe the next 4 years they can rise above the corruption and start doing the work we elect them to do!

Anonymous said...

Where is the Morning Call MIA, still on team palowski.

Bill White will probably endorse Koval and Glazier

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ramos is a decent guy and his hands are clean but he's clueless about government and not remotely ready for prime time.
Just read what he has written.

Chris said...

@12:22 - really?

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute doesnt Shane Fillman work for Charlie Theil? Theres a connection here that rubs me the wrong way. Seems to me Scott Armstrong should have the backround on this latest development.

Anonymous said...

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