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Monday, October 05, 2015

Joe Thomas Seeks Holy Grail of Pizza

Like a Knight of the Round Table, Joe Thomas is on a noble quest. It's one that should last years and take him on many adventures. He seeks the perfect pizza. Thus far, his tour has taken him to Nicolosi's (P-burg), Quality Pizza (Easton), New York Style Stomboli Pizza (N. 17th, A-town) and Mivajo's (Nazareth). You can follow the Joe Thomas Pizza Tour on Facebook.

I wish Joe Thomas lots of luck on his journey, but hope it's one that will never end. There are so many great Italian restaurants here in the Lehigh Valley, and I love them all. Pizza Joe (Nazareth) is my favorite, followed by Rosanna's (Bethlehem) and Antonio's (25th St Shopping Center).

A friend tells me Pizza D'Oro (Easton) is also very good.


Anonymous said...

My #1 pizza in the Allentown area is Charles Pizza opposite the Whitehall Mall and my #2 is Biagios next to Target in South Whitehall. I won't go the NY Style Stromboli since they were caught butchering a deer in the kitchen. I've had Pizza Joe's, its excellent.

Anonymous said...

Is the Quakertown area in his purview of research?

Bernie O'Hare said...

It might be since he lives in Easton.

Anonymous said...

Charles pizza on Union Blvd. is hands down the best for good old fashioned pizza.