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Monday, October 05, 2015

Emil Giordano Poised to Win Seat in Superior Court

I'm used to seeing Emil Giordano on baseball fields and basketball courts during the hot days of summer, but he's MIA. He's instead been all over the state picking up the support he'll need to win a seat as one of the state's fifteen Superior Court judges. In fact, if you haven't done so, I'd recommend that you look at his Facebook page just to see all the great places and people in what really is a magnificent state.

This pic says it all. Who but Judge Giordano would not only let someone photobomb a campaign pic, but would also then load it onto his page?

A man with a sense of humor. A man who, despite working hard, is still willing to laugh at himself. That is Giordano. He is one Republican who will get my vote this election cycle. I suspect he will win big in Northampton County and throughout the state. He will lose Philly. That is where his opponent, Alice Dubow, is based. But he will win everywhere else and should win the race.

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