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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer Hours For Bethlehem Tp Commissioners

Bethlehem Township Commissioners are next scheduled to meet on July 6, but that may not be happening. Three of them - Phil Barnard, Pat Breslin and Tom Nolan - will be away taking good government seminars. So I suspect the meeting will be canceled.


Anonymous said...

At the beach.

Anonymous said...

Actually Grandinetti voted with Walker it was recorded incorrectly. He corrected the secretary and you may not have heard that.

Anonymous said...

The guy who needs to be taking the good government seminar chose not to; which means he'll be trash-talking those who are attending the seminar.

Anonymous said...

God bless Mr. Elliot.

Bernie O'Hare said...

7:39, See my comment in the post that actually discusses that meeting.

Anonymous said...

Why is the meeting cancelled ?
Didn't Nolan arrange for Phil Barnard to Phone in and vote on bathrooms. Why don't they do that now ??? I have some storm water issues i want to address.
I guess they can only teleconference on the real important isssues, their buddy's 350 thousand dollar bathrooms.
See you in November Barnard

Anonymous said...

Those three are NOT attending a seminar on Monday evening. They are attending 4TH of July Parties. Way more important then taxpayer concerns. You can checkwith the manager about Monday evening seminar.
Can't understand why at least one of them would be willing to call in.