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Friday, June 19, 2015

Corrections Officers' Contract Unanimously Approved

Justus James and Cathy Allen
As expected, Northampton Councty Council unanimously approved a new contract with corrections officers at their June 18 meeting. They had no choice because the matter went to binding arbitration.

It's a three year deal for the years 2015-2017. Corrections Officers will receive a 4% raise this year, starting July 1. Next year, everyone will get a step increase, which translates to a 4.5% raise. Those who are the top of the scale will get a $1,200 lump sum payment. In 2017, there will be another 2% increase. Roughly, it's a 10.5% raise over three years.

AFSCME union agent Justus James, who was at the June 17 Personnel Committee to explain the agreement reached with corrections officers, appealed to the full Council to vote on another four union contracts that have been approved. But as Ken Kraft explained later that evening, the Administration needs time to work on the wording. The vote on those contracts will take place on July 1.

Deputy Administration Director Cathy Allen assured the Personnel Committee that the 5% raise on those contracts will start on July 1.

All five contracts will place a $550,000 dent in this year's budget.


Anonymous said...

more union greed

Anonymous said...

Really? And some non union employees got 10-19% yearly raises! You are just a union hater! Get a life!!

Anonymous said...

@12.25 you really should check your facts. No non union employee has gotten 10 to 19 % raise. You must be smoking dope !

Anonymous said...

A waste of money if you ask me. The gaurds are overpaid as it is. All they do is sit and watch TV. Is that really worth 60 thousand a year??? There are more important people in the county workforce that deserve raises. The unions are ruining the county and will one day run it into the ground.

Anonymous said...

@12:49 Miss Allen got a 19% raise and she's non-union, so who's the one smoking dope??????

Anonymous said...

They should pay them more for having to deal with the likes of Brown,Keen,Kostura, Crivellaro and Collins and the other bullshit they have to deal with on a daily basis.