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Thursday, June 18, 2015

New Union Contracts to Cost NorCo $550,000 This Year

Cathy Allen and Justus James
AFSCME union agent Justus James was at yesterday's Personnel Committee to explain the agreement reached with corrections officers. which includes the years 2015-2017. They will receive a 4% raise this year, starting July 1. Next year, everyone will get a step increase, which translates to a 4.5% raise. Those who are the top of the scale will get a $1,200 lump sum payment. In 2017, there will be another 2% increase. Roughly, it's a 10.5% raise over three years.

James called the contract the result of 2 1/2 years of negotiation, which ultimately went to binding arbitration."The employees of Northampton County are still at a disadvantage because of health care," James told Ken Kraft's Committee.

In addition to the corrections officers, James has hammered out agreements with the juvenile detention, court related, court appointed and residual bargaining units. Those are three-year deals as well. There will be a 5% wage hike effective July 1, 2015. In 2016 and 2017, employees will move up a step, with translates to about 4.5% per year. Employees who are already at the top step will get $1,750 lump sum payments in 2016 and 2017. Over three years, it is a 14% pay hike.

Though Council is expect to vote on the corrections officers' contract tomorrow night, a vote on the other four contracts will be delayed until later in July. Deputy Administrator Cathy Allen said the County needs that time to prepare the formal contracts. But she assured the Committee that the Administration will begin paying these raises with the first July paychecks.

How much will this cost the County this year? Executive John Brown told Council that all five contracts will cost about $550,000 more than what was budgeted for those specific positions. "The budget in 2015 will be able to absorb that," Brown assured Council.


Anonymous said...

james/kraft = union scum at it's worse

Anonymous said...

Eat the rich!

Anonymous said...

All these raises and the Career service people who are helping the county by not joining a union get screwed ! Something isn't right here. Thanks Mr. Brown !!!

Anonymous said...

@7:45 You prove yourself to be a fool everytime you comment. Why would you hurt yourself in order to "help" the county??? I HIGHLY DOUBT YOU HAVE THE BALLS TO STEP UP AND UNIONIZE SO ENJOY THE SCREWING YOU GET UNTIL 2018!

Anonymous said...

All the contracts will be voted on Tonight per Justus James

Anonymous said...

Bernie can you get clarification on whether all of the contracts will be voted on tonight or not? Thanks:)

Bernie O'Hare said...

Just the corrections officers.