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Thursday, June 04, 2015

Loan Finance Firm Feeds Hungry at Safe Harbor

Easton, PA – One Financial Services, located in Allentown, PA, recently went out into the community on  to serve approximately 80 homeless men and women at the Safe Harbor Easton shelter in Easton, PA.

The entire team chipped in to prepare a warm and delicious meal, which included homemade chili, chicken fajitas, salad and rice. The meal was complete with a warm apple crisp topped with whipped cream.

Those who received the meal were very grateful and complimented the team on their delicious effort.

Everyone who was involved from One Financial Services gained an eye opening experience. “I was humbled,” stated Vanessa Woltemate, an administrative assistant at One Financial. “One Financial truly does care about the community,” stated Katie Wells, Assistant Office Manager with One Financial.

The team is looking forward the next time they can give back to the community. Matt Rambo, Advisor Assistant at One Financial, said, “It was a humbling experience. I would 100% want to do this again soon.”

Safe Harbor is always looking for more volunteers and supplies. They serve over 41,000 meals a year and house up to 300 residents. The shelter can always use additional paper products, such as plate, cups and plastic ware, along with backpacks. “Every new resident can utilize a backpack as they carry their most needed possessions out with them during the day,” stressed Liz Doughty, Volunteer Coordinator for Safe Harbor Easton. She also stressed that there are many services they provide. “Safe Harbor isn’t just a place to sleep and eat, but a place to recover from what got [them] here,” stated Liz.

If you would like to help out at the shelter or donate items, please contact Liz Doughty at 610-258-5540. Currently they have 5 to 10 volunteers helping out daily, and can always use more.


Anonymous said...

Good for them! nice to see some positive news


Anonymous said...

Here's some negative, sorry.

Probably the same homeless made homeless by the entire financial banking / financing industry.

Anonymous said...

enabling the so called poor