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Monday, June 15, 2015

Grand Opening For Modern Mosaics and Xpresso Cafe on Nazareth

Modern Mosaics

Nazareth's Main Street was blocked to traffic on Sunday for the Grand Opening of Modern Mosaics and Xpresso Cafe.

Modern Mosaics is the dream of artist and Nazareth Diner co-owner Peter Theodoropoulos. His father was on--hand at yesterday's opening, and looked quite proud. Given that pieces in there range between $3,000-6,000, I'm staying away. One unlucky trip and I could end up owing $30,000. But I will look in the window, and love the different works of art on display ... from a distance.

I've already been to the Xpresso Cafe several times. I would mainline caffeine if I could, so this place is right up my alley. Ciro Della Ragione told me his espresso is "primo" on the first day he opened and he's right. I often stop in for a kick. Ragione also owns Sicily's in Upper Nazareth, about a half mile away. This appears to be a joint venture between Theodoropoulos. and Ragione.

When I stopped by, which was close to the end of the celebration, there were still about thirty people enjoying the free food and beverages, as well as music. I believe these businesses will be a big success because they are located near my estate. Half of their customers will no doubt come just to hope to get a glimpse of me.

Xpresso Cafe


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Bernie O'Hare said...

Mezzacappa, stay off this blog. You repeatedly violate your bail conditions, and do so to spread more of the lies that resulted in a very real libel award against you. Come August, you will have time to reflect on what it takes to be set free. Now take your drug cocktail and stop posting OT rants.

Henry's our man said...

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Anonymous said...

@12:41 The truth has't set you free, Mezzacappa. It has struck you square in the face and battered the crap out of you.

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Anonymous said...

The "BM" - does that stand for bowel movement? lol

Anonymous said...

The "BM" - does that stand for bowel movement? lol