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Monday, June 29, 2015

Confederate Flags, Microaggression and the Thought Police

“Where are you from or where were you born?”

“You speak English very well.”

“What are you? You’re so interesting looking!”

“You are a credit to your race.”

“When I look at you, I don’t see color.”

“There is only one race, the human race.”

“I believe the most qualified person should get the job.”

“America is the land of opportunity.”

“America is a melting pot.”

The statements above seem innocent enough. But according to tool developed by UCLA, it's actually microaggression. That's a fancy word about subtle bigotry, racism, etc. While crossing the street to avoid a black or Latino person can certainly be a form of racism, most of the examples listed above are not. The Confederate battle Flag controversy appears to be the latest victim of the thought police, which appears to have little regard for something called the First Amendment.

Few would argue that it has any place as a sanctioned symbol of any public government. But this is no reason to ban it from a parade, which is what happened in Lewisburg this weekend. Civil war re-enactors were told to leave their flag at home, and they decided to skip it. Even more amazing, the National Park Service has decided to remove 11 items from its gift shops in Gettysburg, which include the flag. "Any stand-alone depictions of Confederate flags have no place in park stores," huffed National Park Service Director Jonathan B. Jarvis.

History be damned.

I wounder if they still sell copies of the Constitution.


Anonymous said...

"Few would argue that it has any place as a sanctioned symbol of any public government."

But this is in fact what has been argued, and remains to be examined by South Carolina legislators. That flag in SC was erected in 1962 for hateful reasons - not as a reminder of the valor of confederate soldiers. They should vote in one day to take it down and stop displaying it on public property.

Your point appears that it should be allowed to be displayed elsewhere. Note that the Park Service specified "stand alone" displays. I see no problem with banning these items. The "National Park Service" is under the US Dept of the Interior - part of the government.

Did the Park Service employee really "huff," or is that you editorializing?

The parade? It *is* a sensitive issue right now - that should be obvious. Just as obvious is it would be integral to the display of a unit of southern soldiers. Tough one.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Of course he was huffing. The statement that this historical and cultural symbol suddenly has "no place" is a result of his own bigotry. So is the censorship from a parade. What you don't get is the whole point of the first amendment is to allow expression on topics that might be deemed too "sensitive" or uncomfortable for your refined tastes.

Anonymous said...

The confederate flag, in all forms even the false battle flag commonly displayed, is the symbol of a traitorous rebellion against the United States of America.

If you want it on your lawn fine, on your car go for it. It has no place on governmental property except in museums.

A symbol of a failed armed rebellion against our nation. Nothing more.

Bernie O'Hare said...

It is that, but it is other things as well. It represents a willingness to stand up to authority. For some, it means individual liberty. For Civil War buffs, it has meaning. Of course, it has numerous negative meanings as well. i do not support its display at any publicly owned building, but support those who wish to display it at public gatherings, even parades, despite the fact that it makes people uncomfortable. I would even support the right to display an ISIS flag. That's what the First Amendment means. It protects speech that we all find revolting.

Anonymous said...

I find your argument interesting. Since it is an expression of free speech regardless of how disgusting it is, I have no problem with public groups displaying the flag. Just as a Japanese Army veterans group may display the "Rising Sun" flag on their holidays. Even American Nazi's waving the "swastika" at their parades. It is free speech. However, I would lump all those flags in the same category as symbols of war on the United States.d of America.

I am glad you compare it to the ISIS flag, as it has the same terroristic history behind it. In reality more people were killed under the banner of the Confederate flag of treason to the United States of America than ISIS is even close to.

For some anything can mean anything, it doesn't make it valid in reality, even if constitutionally protected. The flag is a disgrace and represents "individual liberty", as long as you were white.

A reminder that home grown terrorism draped in some bogus rights issue cost more American lives than any other enemy in all or other wars put together.

Anonymous said...

Victors write the history books.
With a previous poster using words like "disgrace," "treason," and "terrorism" to describe the confederate flag, it makes me think about how our Mother Country described some 13 colonies in 1776. I wonder how the previous poster would view the Stars and Stripes, had he been indoctrinated to believe that the flag was a symbol of slave-owning land barrons that revolted because they didn't want to pay taxes that were imposed to cover the cost of a war with the French (which kept them from falling under French rule).
Does anyone else find it strange that Freedom of Speech allows the American flag to be burned and defecated on, but a government controlled National Park Service removes the Confederate flag as a sale item because it is offensive?

Anonymous said...

You have Freedom of speech as long as your speech conforms the current groupthink

Bernie O'Hare said...

That is what 4:17 seems to think,but 4:17 is wrong. in fact, the Bill of Rights exists precisely to protect us from the tyranny of the majority.

Anonymous said...

SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS.............. everywhere.

Bernie O'Hare said...


Anonymous said...

I have a wall size hanging in my home. It is about history for me. If you moved north it was the one thing you could take with you that reminded you of the south.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to hear a word of criticism about ISIS blowing up antiquities in Iraq and Syria. We have our own ISIS-types doing the same thing here. Jefferson serially fucked and impregnated his slaves. Washington shuffled them in and out of the nation's new capitol in Philadelphia to avoid PA's emancipation laws. Eventually, the Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, and Mount Rushmore will be forced to be destroyed by those who are offended by history. Welcome to the American Caliphate.

Anonymous said...

"the Bill of Rights exists precisely to protect us from the tyranny of the majority."

Given last week's rewriting of the 14th Amendment by five octogenarians in dresses, any reference to the legitimacy of the Bill of Rights is naive.

Anonymous said...

These are the fruits of a failed public education system. Meanwhile, government employees helped three convicts escape in NC and NY. It's time for more government! Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what your country can do for you.

Anonymous said...

I salute the proud banner of slavery and white supremacy.

Anonymous said...

The confederate flag isn't about slavery. You've been hamstrung by your public edumacashun. But fear not, your stupidity has lots of company. Perhaps we should burn some books and blow up historic sites so not to offend the stupid and misinformed? How about a crying room at all national monuments?

Peter J.Cochran said...

YOU GUYS that were not in the Civil War can not 'Monday morning quarterback stuff! I for one wish that I had been in that Black Church that morning.I always carry my firearm to any church as I would a Walmart or Berger King ,whatever. FORTY YEARS I have had a permit to carry a firearm concealed under my coat.The U.S.Military has trained me to a level that is by most thought-press almost 'TO MUCH MONEY! I have stood alongside Generals and Admirals and President Nixon with an Exposed duty firearm the .45 cal.1911--It's about Trust -do you trust me ?Will I hurt you? No- I will not, I and many other like me-NRA MEMBERS,shooters - would give their life for your kids at risk! There is much said about this unfortunate execution of real nice folks. With a tear in my eye, I wish that I could have 'FIXED IT". The issues of this flag were not as we see them now 150 years later and you all ,along with me, have no real judgment. I am member of the NAACP- my membership number is 108116861-M,One of our families relatives ,DARROW, helped the organization form.This flag issue is not ALL about slavery ,but a southern adhesion of sorts to how they do things . I like GRITS with my breakfast and the folks in Bethlehem,pa. don;t serve them -The South is still the South . I make no judgments.

AuH20 said...

Does anyone doubt that if one stomped on a 'rainbow flag' we'd be charged with a hate crime, while stomping on an American flag is 'free speech.?
Where the heck are all the liberal school teachers who are always obsessed with their 'freedom of speech' in the form of tenure? They are silent because all they want is THEIR freedom of speech, some of which 'offends' their students.

Anonymous said...

No one said it is against the law to have a confederate battle flag(preciously the battle flag of the Tennessee volunteers). Many of the posters on here provably do. That doesn't change the meaning of the symbol of a group of traitors to the United Sates of America. They fired the first shots in their treasonous rebellion that started the war that killed more Americans than all other wars.

Also, "The confederate flag isn't about slavery"

Yes it is. Any education you received from any source that claims it was not the root cause of the civil war is either lying or stupid. Read the writings of your confederate heroes including Davis. They all stated as much. It was the fundamental cause of the civil war.

Please, if you want to defend this symbol of treason the USA go for it. Do not attack those of us who exercise "our freedom" by informing you of the facts of history and not the 33% of the population pleasing drivel of the right-wing whacko version of history.

You want something in your home to remind you of your southern roots, buy a pecan pie or drink a mint julep. However, if you fly the flag of armed insurrection waged to defend a states rights to own slaves, don't expect normal people to say ,"that's cool".

An American

Anonymous said...

The facts of history?


From my post at another blog:

Slavery, repugnant and immoral, was legal even in Union loyal Delaware and Missouri. It was a states’ rights conflict, slavery being the most notorious and the prime, but not sole, right and motivation of the first four states to secede. Virginia resisted until they saw that the central government had decided its will and mission (which was not abolition or emancipation) would be imposed at all costs.

Lincoln wanted war. From his letter to Captain Gustavus Fox, in charge of the resupply of Ft Sumpter:

“You and I both anticipated that the cause of the country would be advanced by making the attempt to provision Fort-Sumpter, even if it should fail; and it is no small consolation now to feel that our anticipation is justified by the result. Very truly your friend A. LINCOLN.” This, after the Star of the West incident and Governor Pickens’ warning.

Why? From History.com:

“As early as March 1861, Lincoln had begun to take stock of the federal government’s ability to wage war against the South. He sent letters to cabinet members Edward Bates, Gideon Welles and Salmon Chase requesting their opinions as to whether or not the president had the constitutional authority to “collect [such] duties.” According to documents housed and interpreted by the Library of Congress, Lincoln was particularly concerned about maintaining federal authority over collecting revenue from ports along the southeastern seaboard, which he worried, might fall under the control of the Confederacy.“

It was not insurrection. It was not a Civil War. They left, determining to govern themselves. Lincoln didn't give a shit about slavery. Had it been solely about slavery, the south would have stayed, as Lincoln was a supporter of the Corwin amendment and was willing to enshrine slavery in the Constitution in order to keep the DC trough full.


Anonymous said...

"It was not insurrection. It was not a Civil War."

Many people North and South did not believe in the equality of the races but opposed slavery. The South made it clear early on, that if Lincoln was elected they would secede from the Union. They were unsuccessful in their extortion attempt.

The traitorous confederacy started the war with their attack on a US military institution. In your view that was just fine. You need to learn a bit more about overall American history before you cherry-pick a quote here and there to defend your confederate sympathies.

Fortunately General Sherman let the south know what "total war" meant. One of the greatest American generals of the Civil War.

Anonymous said...

Newsflash: The Constitution had no prohibition of secession. So the 10th Amendment secured their right to leave, regardless of their motivation.

You bet they said they'd leave when they knew what was coming. They were out-resourced, out-manned, outgunned. The bravest this side of the Founders. Nutjob Sherman had no love for the black man, even proposed buying slaves for his wife when was alone in Louisiana. He and his drunken, couldn't hold a civilian job buddy Grant could do nothing but send men, by the thousands, to their deaths. Sherman said he would sacrifice 10,000 men to kill Nathan Bedford Forest, but declined to charge him after his investigation of the alleged massacre at Fort Pillow.

What part of "it is no small consolation" did you not understand?

Your heroes are a Constitutional usurper and mentally ill terrorist.

Alrighty then.


Anonymous said...

As yours are traitors to the United States of America. the Articles of Confederation were gone and a Constitution formed a nation. You may malign and attack the Northern generals out of some misplaced pride in a rebel army that had ordered so kill any captured black troops. As well as military numskulls that gave us Pickett's charge. Good for you.

I stand for the United States of America, against all enemies foreign and domestic. You obviously have some romantic mumbo jumbo going for these traitors. Fact is they started the war by firing on a United States fort. Good for you.
Maybe you can help barter a deal between a new confederacy and Isis, to get back their pride.

You want the dissolution of the union, so move to Texas and join the movement to secede from the union. Maybe this time the nation will say good riddance. Given the drain on the economy of the south for decades, maybe they should be allowed to go their own way.

Your heroes are traitors and murders.

There is no doubt their are America haters even in the North that have a romantic vision of the confederacy where people could be free(certain people) to do what they wanted and live a gentile and simple agrarian existence of the 18th century on the backs of others. Story you missed it.

An alrighty then to you as well.