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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A South Carolinian on the Confederate Flag

One of my readers, who recently moved to South Carolina, came upon an interesting article giving the perspective of a the rednecks about the recent Charlestown Church shooting. I wish we had more thoughtful people like that up here.

"I am from South Carolina. A state that has been under relentless attack in the news and on social media since the Charleston Church Shooting. Apparently we are a state of evil, gun-toting rednecks who swaddle our newborn children in the Confederate flag. Do not misunderstand me, I believe that the crimes of Dylann Roof are reprehensible and when he's found guilty he should be executed for his crimes. Keep in mind, this is the SECOND shooting in the Low Country region of my state in recent months to garner national attention. However, my state has handled it right, from the governor to the average person on the street.

"South Carolina did not riot.

"South Carolina did not loot.

"South Carolina did not burn down neighborhoods and businesses.

"South Carolina citizens did not start targeting cops for execution.

"So before you get on your Facebook pulpit and condemn my state, think about what South Carolina DID do.

"South Carolina passed legislation to put body cameras on all cops.

"South Carolinians have come together by the thousands to stand together, united against tragedies such as this.

"South Carolina churches all over the state have joined together in prayer vigils and services for the slain.

"All the barriers that are supposed to be divisive and separate us as human beings; race, religion, political leanings, economic class, have been pulled down as my state has come together, peacefully, to try to heal in the wake of this horrible crime.

"Please keep this in mind as you rail from your pulpits about how awful my state and its people are.

"My state, SOUTH CAROLINA, is handling this tragedy as a family with sorrow, grace, and, and above all, class."


Anonymous said...

President Andrew Jackson handled South Carolina the best. During his Presidency the Governor of South Carolina had the vapors over what he felt was unfair trade deals with cotton mills in the North. The Governor threated to secede from the Union if things were not done the way he wanted.

When informed of this, President Jackson informed the Governor that if he attempted to seceded form the United Sates, Jackson himself would lead an American army to
South Carolina and hang the Governor from the Sate House.
The Governor changed his mind.

By the way Bernie, the picture of Fort Sumner is appropriate as it was the beginning of the civil war, staring with the attack by South Carolina on an American military installation.

Please cry on someone else's shoulder.

Anonymous said...

actually, within this context, a good letter.

Anonymous said...

It's been 150 years. You hold a grudge a long time.
As for your hero, Jackson... He was a self-serving prick.
You failed to mention that the tariff was amended. It wasn't his threat that changed the mind of the South Carolina Governor.
Speaking of Jackson, maybe the American flag should be changed. Under Jackson, the Indian Removal Act was brutally conducted, leading to The Trail of Tears and Jackson purchasing much of the former Native American land for his personal gain.
How much hate and cruelty do the Native Americans see in our National flag?

Anonymous said...

History is filled with those with blood on their hands. The rebel flag was out of use until the civil rights era of the 1960's. It was then used as a weapon and rallying point for white backlash against desegregation. It is now used by white supremacist, in country terrorist groups as well as the Klan. Free speech is one thing. State sponsorship by virtue of honoring that symbol is not appropriate and subject to a vote of elected representatives of those states. Everyone has the right to be ignorant and intolerant but not the state.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the Rebel flag should not be flown in an official capacity of state or local governments, but the National Park Service should not overstep its authority and ban its sale. It has become ridiculous, starting with California, last year...

SACRAMENTO -- Gov. Jerry Brown has signed legislation prohibiting California state government agencies from selling or display items displaying the Confederate flag.

Brown's office on Thursday announced signing AB2444. It was introduced by Democratic Assemblyman Isadore Hall of Compton after his mother saw replica Confederate cash sold at the Capitol gift shop.

Hall, who is black, says the state should not promote a symbol of racism that is meant to intimidate. The gift shop no longer carries the item.

Lawmakers said AB2444 doesn't violate free speech rights because it applies only to formal actions of government officials. It also allows for the flag to be displayed in books and museums for historical or educational purposes.

Anonymous said...

The South Carolina incident had nothing to do with police brutality. Why in the world would people riot for something that didn't happen. Get your head out of your ass, Gomer, and stop making excuses for the racist state and the first treasonous state in the future Confederacy.

Anonymous said...

9:27, you should heed your own advice. Your rhetoric about S.C. and its position in 1861 is getting dull. You are declared the winner in the "Old News - Big Yawn" category of "Pointless Arguments." Jump off your time machine when you reach 2015.

Anonymous said...

The SC incident had more to do with nuts and dangerous psych meds than the symptoms being discussed (i.e. racism, hate, rage). It's the common thread from Columbine to Littleton to Newtown to Charleston. The SC killer's friends say he didn't just hate black people. He hated all people. Failed parenting is also at fault as his beaut of a "father" gave a mentally disturbed son a gun for his 18th birthday. Same with the twisted mom in CT. It's easier to choose sides and debate with well worn talking points than to address mental illness, a heartbreaking category of disease that still carries great stigma, and one in which we've made no progress in over a 120 years, or poor parenting.

Anonymous said...

You dolts! Talk about missing the point!

In addition to the Confederate flag, the SC shooter was wearing a Gold's Gym shirt.

Shouldn't we be focused on banning Gold's Gym?

Anonymous said...

Excellent point! Gold's Gym is a known gathering place for huge egotists that often act out due to 'roid rage. Time to shut them down and ban advertising of all muscle building gyms!

Anonymous said...

Hey lets not throw stones at Gold Gym. The Mediterranean manslab, Jim long dong Gregory was a great Gold's Gym man. It was there he would train and define his glistening musculature. The walking man god had many admirers and would also train his Mensa mind discussing his philosophy of life. He does not have a hateful bone in his body. Much like South Carolina and the Confederate battle Flag, he is misunderstood and attacked.

So let us pause before we cast stones.

Anonymous said...

I love it. I think Gregory should move to South Carolina when he gets out. Jim Gregory and South Carolina both have the same perceptions of reality, they would make a perfect match. Hell, he could end up being Governor one day.

Captain America said...

South Carolina just tried to once overthrow the U.S. Constitution when they attacked Fort Sumter. They pride their role in an act of treason, and the attempt to topple the Federal Government. Their heritage is that of an enemy of the United States who used slave labor. Which the latter just happens to also be the claim to fame for NAZIs. See the Confederates had black slave labor for their business people, the NAZIs??? Jewish slave labor.

If someone privately wants to fly those flags at their house or on their pick-up truck--the First Amendment protects that. And rightfully so. But, when a state government (who takes checks happily from the very same federal government they are proud to have attacked) wants to fly it--well government does not have the same free speech as people. The 1st amendment protects the people from government censorship--not the other way around. This is the very same thing learned in Abington School District vs Schempp with religious freedom. Citizens have it, government does not.

And as someone who took an oath to uphold and defend our constitution--nothing, nothing upsets me more than these yahoos in South Carolina wanting to celebrate their efforts to destroy it. Jefferson Davis got off easy--considering the punishment traitors can receive for their role against the government.

How would these anti-US cowards in South Carolina feel if we flew the Viet Cong flag from a government flag pole? That is heritage for Asian Americans. Oh, wait, we only support certain flags that represented armies who killed US citizens.