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Friday, June 19, 2015

Five Deputy Sheriffs Honored by NorCo Council

From L to R: SGT George Volpe,Deputy Lori Neff, Sheriff David Dalrymple,
SGT Michael Orchulli, Deputy Greg Smith and Deputy Brian Budraitis  
When SGT George Volpe, a NorCo Deputy Sheriff, was honored last week by the Northampton County Police Chiefs' Association with the prestigious Nathan Ogden award, he was very modest about his work in tracking down Crips gang member, along with a suspected murderer, drugs and a machine gun. "It wasn't just me," he laconically stated, instead crediting others from his own and other law enforcement agencies.

SGT  Volpe and four other Deputy Sheriffs have now been honored by Northampton County Council for their role in locating and apprehending fugitives, including violent Crips gang members. In addition to SGT Volpe, the Deputy Sheriffs honored by Northampton County Council with a commendation include SGT Michael Orchulli, Brian Budraitis, Lori Neff and Greg Smith.

Mat Benol, who chairs the Courts and Corrections Committee, plans to invite Sheriff Dave Dalrymple to a future Council meeting to discuss exactly what his department does. "There's a lot more to the Sheriff's office than what the public realizes," he observed.

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Anonymous said...

They should invite Ms. Neff back to speak. Or just sit in a chair.