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Friday, June 05, 2015

Brown's Red Tape Prevents DA From Enlarging One Piece of Paper

Northampton County Executive John Brown has several times claimed he's all about delivering efficient services to the public. People who stand in long lines for passports are telling a different tale. Developers who are experiencing delays in plan reviews report the same problem. And one of the County's most vital services - the prosecution of bad buys - is taking a back seat to John Brown's synergies ... and staffing cuts. In January, Brown was so efficient that he ran out of envelopes to notify Defendants and witnesses of criminal trials. Now, hw is telling the District Attorney that he has to wait two weeks to get one piece of paper - that's one - enlarged for use in a trial.

Here's a copy of District Attorney John Morganelli's email to Brown about this matter:


I want you to be aware of what I think is just absurdity.

For 24 years, occasionally, I would send up to the print shop one 8X11 piece of paper to be enlarged to poster size. They would make a duplicate of my paper, enlarged, and hand it back to me. I would then staple it to a poster board to be used in a trial. This process would take about 5 minutes.

The other day I sent up ONE piece of paper to be enlarged. My secretary was told the following:

1. An Issue Track Form had to be submitted.
2. That after that, it would take 2 weeks until it would be completed.
I asked for the single piece of paper back. Now, because of this absurdity, I will send an office employee out to a local store like Staples, taking her away from her work here. Then the County will be billed for the cost of them to do it: About $40.

I do not see how this is efficient. JM

John should send this email in corporatese. I am learning the langauge, and suggest he resend in this format:

It is time to uniquely exploit multimedia based e-services. I enthusiastically empower business channels at your multifunctional strategic theme areas. To that end, I market-positioned a low-risk high-yield paper to transition into reconceptualized enlarged storage. In order to holistically achieve the engagement needed in a timely client-focused application, it is imperative that you act rapidiously and that we all think outside the box to expedite customer-directed imperatives.


Anonymous said...

Morganelli had the right to be pissed. The Clown administration once again is proving how inept it is. They couldn't get wet by falling out of a boat. They should have a process in place that enables any office to access outside printing services under contract. Instead, they have delegated this simple service to the bureaucratic black hole of Issue Trak. This MUST have been a Cathy Allen special. Only her great mind would come up with such an insane, convoluted process.

Anonymous said...

This is just the TIP OF THIS ICEBURG

Anonymous said...

the Voters really bought a load of crap from this guy. Did anyone ever check his background in business. It Doesn't exist. It's made up smoke and mirrors.
Brown pulled a fast one on us, and he has 2 1/2 years to grab as much $$$,$$$ as possible. He will be grabbing office furniture on the way out.

Anonymous said...

you forgot "granular"

Anonymous said...

Not just Brown will be taking furniture and paper clips out of the office when he leaves. His entire cabinet will plunder the public coffers in any way possible, including illegal raises to fatten up their little county pensions.

Anonymous said...

Your "corporatese" is a brilliant work or art. Very nicely done.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, just use the Power Point that came with the MS Enterprise edition. It's on every computer in that building.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Not every computer in tgat building has tge printer to do such an enlargement. Anything that a DA or the courts want need to be done IMMEDIATELY.

Anonymous said...

This is one example of many. The Executive is a total disaster, and his team is directly responsible for absurdities such as this.

I've found in chatting with people that the public is becoming pretty well informed about Brown's administration's incompetence. Keep up the excellent reporting, so we can make an informed decision when we pick his replacement in the next election.

Your last paragraph is a good example of the line of complete bullshit mumbo jumbo one can expect whenever Brown opens his mouth.

Anonymous said...

this guy is penny wise and pound foolish.

Anonymous said...

This is precisely what happens when these so called I know it all "private sector" guys think that they can run a local government like a "business". Local Government is not a business but a service to the people. It is not designed to make "profit" but deliver the service that the Legislator's put in place by law. John Brown has demonstrated clearly that he was not qualified nor experienced to handle making sure that public services are provided. The people he surrounds himself are also not qualified or experienced to provide the level of service needed to efficiently run the county and do good by the taxpayers. I am shocked that the local Republican Party and the Republican Majority on Council put up with this, tolerate this and let it happen. Hoping that the Democrats come in and sweep clean this County both at the Executive and Council levels. There is no reason for long passport lines, delays in the Recorder's office and pissed off County Service workers. No reason except for Brown and his ilk to pretend that they are some sort of private sector savants sent to save the County from itself.

Anonymous said...

REPUBLICAN council members are not off the hook either. They support this Brownstain and his actions. These guys are out of control and totally inexperienced. The smoke and mirrors that put him in office is being used by Vic Scomiilio running away from Brownstain as his mentor.

Anonymous said...

For a private enterprise guy, he's instituted a perfect governmental solution. Why all the whining from pro-government types? And isn't it time for John to do another Nancy Grace interview where he exploits victims in order to further his own career pursuits? He really is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

There are too many JOHNs here. I'm confused. I assume 10;07 AM is referring to Morganelli? Although Brown is disgusting. Then there is Stoffa and Callahan. Lets use nicknames to ID these Johns: Morganelli can be JM, Callahan can be JC, SStoffa can be JS and Brown can be BS.

Anonymous said...

Brown sounds like BS but smells like BM.

Anonymous said...

Ironically, if John Brown was indeed attempting to run the County as a private sector business, he failed at that as well. A well-run private sector company would never outsource a simplistic process such as an image enlargement, if it can be accomplished at a lower cost in-house.

This must be the brilliant management skills of Cathy Allen. John Brown is not competent to manage anything, public sector or private sector. Get rid of both of them.