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Friday, June 12, 2015

Contrary to Popular Reports

... I am not the blogger scheduled for flogging in Saudi Arabia, Nazareth or anywhere else. I will be suing Molovinsky for war crimes on Monday, probably in International Court. I haven't tried that one. By the way, it is true that I was beheaded a few years ago. It grew back.


Anonymous said...

This made a little jiggle of a gut busting belly laugh¿ Damm you must have a little frogg in that old bastard called Bernie O'hare to be growng back limbs¿
Maybe thats why you are called a blogger like a frogg grows limbs, bloggers grow the part of the body of a Hole to think out of the Brown Hole of the valley the circus think tank created¿

patent pending

Fat Wawa said...

"It grew back."

You're like Salamander Rushdie.

Anonymous said...

Greggy the Mediterranean manslab of manly flesh can easily fill that hole. The man is well known as a power top. He will soon be released and will be back to getting out the truth and finding justice.

Bernie O'Hare said...

He is not getting out until February when he mazes out. You have been saying he will soon be released since September. ALL LIES.