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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Freshpet Donates $6,500 to Colonial Regional K9 Unit

Freshpet gives $6,500 to Colonial Regional K9 Unit. 
When Freshpet President Richard Thompson first appeared before Hanover Township's Board of Supervisors in 2012, he brought huge cardboard cutouts of a dog and cat that Manager Jay Finnigan gave to Animal Control Officer Vince Milite for practice. Thompson also brought samples of his high-quality, non-processed, real food for dogs and cats. Most importantly, he brought $25 million to invest in a manufacturing plant that now employs at least 100 people. And because he wants to be a "good neighbor," he recently donated $6,500 to the Colonial Regional K9 Unit. This is in addition to the food his company supplies every month to feed the two dogs on the force.

Thompson shares a word with Chief Seiple
As the pleasant aroma of Freshpet kitchens wafted in the air, Thompson presented the check to Chief Roy D. Seiple. He was flanked on the left by Eyra, a Belgian Malinois whose partner is Officer Cody D. Hendershot; and on the right by Bo, a German Shepherd whose partner on patrol is SGT Darrin A. Wendling.

Chief Seiple stated that a K-9 force is very expensive. The dogs usually cost about $20,000 before training, and the vehicles in which they are kept must be running at all times.

Lynn Lee, who works in the kitchen preparing the feasts, knew both dogs by name. They stop by once every month to go grocery shopping.

"The company itself is really involved in the community," beamed Chief Seiple. "They're fantastic."

(Blogger's Note: The photography here is the work of John Hoffman, who gave me permission to share it with you).


Anonymous said...

KUDOS to this company!! Thank you for all you do! This is what supporting your community is all about..wish more companies would take this man's lead.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who makes the big checks?