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Monday, January 03, 2011

Sore Losers

Blogging colleague Donald, an excellent writer, has returned from a self-imposed post-election hiatus, to lash out at Charlie Dent ("a harmless amiable nothing"), the "tea bagger crowd" ("much of the impetus for the tea party movement is race based"), WikiLeaks ("much ado about nothing"), and even "fame whore" Sarah Palin ("Charlie Dent has more substance").

Now I can understand the sour grapes on November 3, but two months later? It is precisely this kind of intolerance and partisan rhetoric that is tearing us apart. What's even more disturbing is that Donald is factually inaccurate.

He predicts, for example, that Charlie Dent will be "The John Boehner lap dog. The arch Conservative suck up." He completely ignores two recent votes rebutting that conclusion. Dent voted to extend unemployment benefits, both in November and again in December. In his November vote, Dent actually bucked his own party.

While heaping praise on President Obama for the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," Donald conveniently forgets to tell you that Dent is one of just fifteen House Republicans to side with Democrats on that issue.

So much for John Boehner lap dog.

In addition to his unfair attack on Dent, Donald goes on to accuse the tea party movement, whom he derisively refers to as the "tea bagger crowd," of being racially motivated. He has as much evidence for that claim as I do for insisting that gay people must be pedophiles. Both statements smack of ignorance and intolerance.

As far as the relative importance of WikiLeaks is concerned, we now know that both American and British diplomats are scared shitless that terrorists might get their hands on Pakistan's nuclear arsenal. From there it's only a matter of time before someone on some fishing boat off the Atlantic coast sends a scud our way. This information had been kept from the public, and certainly amounts to a serious concern. Even Russians concede that Pakistan is "highly unstable."

Explains why we're in Afghanstan. It really is a matter of national security.

In fairness to Donald, I admit he pretty much nailed McCain and Palin. I also must acknowledge that I'm a Charlie Dent fan. There's even a rumor that I have three portraits at my Nazareth estate - Charlie Dent, John Stoffa and Ron Angle. This is completely untrue. I have autographed photographs of Don Cunningham and Dean Browning, too. I tend to support elected officials who believe in transparency and accountability, and who are accessible. It's really a pretty small club, when you come right down to it. Obama used to be a member, until it become apparent his promise of post partisan government was just a vote-grabbing gimmick.

Neither is Bethlehem Mayor John Callahan. Donald claims JC is headed for "great things and higher office," but I see an official who has mishandled Bethlehem finances, hidden facts from City Council and is inaccessible to critics.

I will say this much. It's great to see Donald back in action, blasting away.


Anonymous said...

Nude posters of you, Angle and Stoffa hanging in your hovel, hardly qualifies as "portraits".

Freak Flag Waver!

Donald said...

Thanks Mr. O'Hare.

Anonymous said...

Donald for Mayor! time to oust Johnny Casino!!

Anonymous said...

"Donald for Mayor"

Best of luck with that.

You will need it.

Anonymous said...

RINOs like Dent don't make good lapdogs for anyone promoting fiscally responsibility.

Charlie defended his bailout votes during his campaign, even as TARP recipient banks continued to fail.

Charlie is more a Pelosi Democrat when it comes to superbly idiotic financial decisions.

His foreign policy acumen is above average for a Congressman. He hasn't even a mild grasp of economics.

Unknown said...

I was pleased to read that Congressman Dent had voted for the repeal of DADT; completely against his party. But like I said in response to Donald's post - I'm going to be carefully watching his voting and public record with regard to the appropriations committee. There is a lot at stake, and the decisions will be difficult.

I just hope that Mr. Dent will take into consideration the values of all of his constituents.

Anonymous said...

Silagh White said...

"I just hope that Mr. Dent will take into consideration the values of all of his constituents."


Charlie should do what he said he would do during the campaign. That's what got him elected.

One of the first things I hope he does is to vote to repeal ObamaCare - as he promised.

Anonymous said...

if donald thinks callahan has a future then he must be off his medications. john's teflon is wearing thin

Anonymous said...

I hate Bernie O'Hare.

Anonymous said...

Bernie now that you're off the Dent payroll your blog has been boring. Sorry to break it to you.

Anonymous said...

Bernie besides blogging what do you do with your life besides this blog? Is it true you were disbarred because of being a huge jerk?

Anonymous said...

Bernie I'm bored with your blog, can you make more stuff up like you did during the campaign season? It was much more interesting.

Anonymous said...

bus stop bench, blah blah.