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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Priscilla DeLeon, the LV's Most Anal Retentive Official

I think I know why Lower Saucon has sent Supervisor Priscilla DeLeon as their rep to Northampton County's Gaming Authority. It gets her out of their hair, even if it's only for a few hours. What a tight ass! I'll bet she irons her underwear.

On Monday night, she and Hellertown's Stephanie Kovacs cooked up some kind of deal to depose Jay Finnigan as Authority Chair. But they forgot to talk to anybody else. So when Priscilla nominated Stephanie as Chair, and Stephanie nominated Priscilla as Vice Chair, both motions fell on their face for lack of a second.

One thing I've noticed, both in the one meeting I've attended and the others I've watched on the County's video page, is that Priscilla even turns approval of the minutes a major ordeal, with a litany of minor changes that should be included. She's apparently unaware there's a frickin' webcast.

But if you want to see a real anal retentive in action, check out the tail end of Monday night's webcast, when copies of the annual report were handed out. DeLeon wanted Solicitor's Opinions from Scott Allinson added, and explained that she meant his formal, written opinions.

"We did pay him for his services," she snarked.

Jay Finnigan said they could just be pulled from the minutes, and Priscilla gave Allinson another barb. "We don't need to pay you again."

A little confused, Allinson didn't know whether she wanted copies of the informal opinions he gives during meetings, in addition to his written opinions.

"I think you hear what you think you hear when I say things," responded DeLeon in her third shot. She then reversed herself and said if Allinson gives an informal opinion during a meeting, it should be excerpted out and added to the annual report.

A little confused, Allinson wondered whether he was being asked to excerpt his opinions from meetings and write up memos about them, which would obviously be time-consuming. "I'm sorry. I'm speaking English. I'm sorry you don't understand." Zinger #4. DeLeon then reversed herself again, saying only written opinions need be included.

A little confused, Allinson said he'd do whatever the Chair directs him to do, in writing. But Finnigan was confused, too.

Authority VP Deb Hunter assumed the role of translator and suggested that DeLeon wanted informal opinions rendered during meetings included in the annual report, too. DeLeon said that's what she wanted and asked Allinson, "Isn't that why you're here?" Shot #5.

Finnigan then polled the Board. The men (Mayor Yob, Commissioner Nolan and Finnigan) only wanted written opinions. But in a battle of the sexes, the women (Stephanie Kovacs, Deb Hunter and Priscilla) wanted everything. Then DeLeon reversed herself again and said she only wanted written opinions..

A little confused, Finnigan responded, "I think that's what we said."

At this point, Allinson said, "I'm crystal clear."

Finnigan mumbled, "We have no clue."

I know I don't.


Anonymous said...

A few points Mr. O'Hare. You are a sexist and this article explains why. The only other explanation is that you blindly endorse the actions of Mr. Finnegan. That would make sense as he was Ron Angle's campaign chairman when Angle ran for County Executive. Amazingly after that he is now the gaming authority chair.

Very interesting. Mr. Angle condemns the bond issue that provides benefits including gaming and then turns around and gets his old crony to chair the committee that doles out the cash.

This is the man who wants to end the Contingency Account.

Make up your mind Mr. O'Hare!

Bernie O'Hare said...

I'm trying to figure out what makes sense in your comment and really, none of it does.

Angle did not support this gaming authority, but fought for the inclusion of people from his region. His region does not include Hanover, where Finnigan is from.

By the way, individual communities select who they want on that Authority.

The bond issue did not and could include gaming. You don't even know what the hell you're talking about.

The fact that I criticize a bizarre, anal-retentive woman does not make me a sexist.

And yes, it is time to end the contingency fund. It's been abused enough.

Anonymous said...

Finnigan has nothing to do with Angle. The two part ways a long time ago. Watch the video Anonymous #1. As a matter of fact watch all the videos of the gaming authority. Finnigan is the best chair of any county board. Too bad he wasn't on county council. More would be accomplished.

Anonymous #1 sounds like someone who had to leave the neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

Ms. DeLeon means well. She takes her role on the commission very seriously. But she needs to lighten up with the minutia.

Bernie O'Hare said...

D'ya think?

Anonymous said...

That meeting is simply painful to watch. The way most of the people that take to the podium are treated by the two individuals O'Hare mentions is disgraceful. The casino doles out millions of dollars and will continue to dole out millions in the future to all the communities in Northampton County. Everyone of the projects brought before this Board is worthy, yet these people on this Board are treating this process as some sort of top secret high profile taxpayer funded grant program. Get the money out and spread it out evenly. That is the intent of the State Law that the casino has to follow. Stop treating the money as yours. Its the Sands!!

Anonymous said...

Right on, brother!
Been there, experienced that!
It's about time that someone in the media recognizes the contradictions and time-wasting that erupts from this woman. Thank you for the excellent work.

Anonymous said...

Priscilla deLeon is why I stopped going to Lower Saucon Council meetings. There is a reason why many votes are 4-1. She is venomous.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Her term is up this year. If she runs, I hope L Saucon voters show her the door.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, it takes attending several Council meetings to see her head spinning to please voters. This is where her conflicts really come up. You just can't s...ck up to everyone! Enough said.

Anonymous said...

I have spent the last five years attending Lower Saucon Township Council Meetings. Priscilla is the only one is truly is not out for herself, like the rest of council is. She is there for the people and many times represents the minority, no matter how much the "might makes right" majority,lead by Tom Maxfield, puts her down or what or who she is defending. She is the only currnet member of council who recognizes that the township is made of many different people with many different needs and many times those needs clash.

Is she a little ananl retentive at times? Yes, but better than the alternative and let things go and clema up the mess later. YOu forget that she was on Council when they had a township manager Lane Turner, who had mentl helath problems and he cause alot of headaches.

Seems to me Bernie, you saying she is anal retentive is like the pot calling the kettle black?

Without at least one person to call out the rest of council on doing what they want and what is not necessarily the best for all township residents, Lower Saucon would be even worse off The township has spent enough money to build a township in the inage of certain council members who don't or won't see the big picture within the township. It is like being in high school, where mob rule runs rampant and things are done because the popular people want it. Favortisim abounds in Lower Saucon Township especailly when it comes to historic sites

You can critisize Priscilla after I actually see you at a few LST council meetings and you see how things are really run in the township.

Anonymous said...

If you want to go after someone Bernie, then go after Stephanie Kovacss, a Hellertown Borugh Council member who lives in Forks Township with her boyfriend and kids.

Anonymous said...

The money being giving out by the Gaming Authority that comes from the casino is ig like gold and a lot of pettiness among offcials is going on. Lower Saucon Township manager Jack Cahalan at a Saucon Valley Partnership meeting during a discussion of the money awarded in the first round of the funding sat at this public meeting and publiclly denouced why Freemansburg was given money from casino funds to hire more police officers and upgrade thier jail He also made fun of Bethlehem Township's presentation and how unprepared they were. It is nasty out there when it comes to this money...

Bernie O'Hare said...

"You can critisize Priscilla after I actually see you at a few LST council meetings and you see how things are really run in the township."

Actually, I have a basis to criticize her from what I've seen of the Gaming Authority, both in person and online. But I understand your point and she may have some good qualities in her township role.

Anonymous said...

News flash Bernie - let's check out where Kovacs lives.

Maybe anonymous will give you an address.

Where do her kids go to school?

Anonymous said...

Get your observations right Bernie, Deb Hunter voted for only written opinions to be included.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I'm not really sure and thought she said all. I watched it several times. Don't make me watch it again. I'd rather attend a funeral.

Anonymous said...

hmmm... maybe 811 AMERICAN GENERAL DR

Anonymous said...

Psychoanalysts say that anal retentiveness is due to a conflict over toilet-training in infancy.....hmmmmmm.

I think the word "obstructionist" is more appropriate here - the practice of deliberately impeding or delaying the course of legal, legislative, or other procedures.
Obstructionism is a passive aggressive behavior often resulting from a threatened ego.

Anonymous said...

O'Hare is a well known woman hater. It is one of the many traits he and his hero Angle share. Here he is attacking a woman and making disgusting comments about her and anal sexual preferences.

You are pathetic O'Hare.

Bernie O'Hare said...

This blog posted on Wednesday. The most recent comment is at 1:51 AM on Sunday morning. Nothing about this post has anything to do with DeLeon's sex. She could just as easily have been a male and I could have written the same piece, word for word. Nobody said anything about sexual preferences but you, a troll.

Anonymous said...

To the Anonymous Troll at 1:51 AM
If O'Hare hates women (and I AM one) it certainly does not show in this article. Do you think he's making this up? There is a "frickin'" webcast of it. And - please-this is not Ron Angle's blog (I wouldn't read his)-it's Mr. O'Hare's blog, so stop the guilt by association bit.

Anonymous said...

Lady, when you read O'Hare you read Angle. They are two peas in a pod. Who the Hell do you think tells O'Hare what to write besides Stoffa?

Open your window and smell the coffee sunshine.

Bernie O'Hare said...

That actually sounds more sexist than anything I wrote.