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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dems Protest "Toxic Rhetoric" From Right Wing Maniacs

State Rep. Joe Brennan had a few visitors outside his 4th Street office this morning. Gloria McVeigh, former information officer in Lehigh County, organized what has been billed as a "non-violent, peace-promoting appearance in front of a Democratic elected official's office." There were a total of three protesters, covered by four members of the media and one bottom-feeding blogger.

"No more toxic rhetoric," said one of the signs. That sort of thing.

As a reaction to an Arizona assassin's rampage, is Gloria suggesting we all should try to be more civil?

"That's absurd," says organizer McVeigh. "The GOP won last fall's election by pandering to the right-wing maniacs, proven by their reading the US Constitution because they promised their voters they would. It takes a tragedy like Arizona to make the public understand how dangerous demagogues like FOX news, Glenn Beck and the others can be to our democracy."

"Sane people can't stay silent in times like this," she claims.

Brennan, who declined to participate in a protest outside of his own office, blames me.

All kidding aside, Joe defends everyone's First Amendment rights, but agrees we should be nicer to each other.


Patrick McHenry said...

"That's absurd," says organizer McVeigh. "The GOP won last fall's election by pandering to the right-wing maniacs, proven by their reading the US Constitution because they promised their voters they would. It takes a tragedy like Arizona to make the public understand how dangerous demagogues like FOX news, Glenn Beck and the others can be to our democracy."


Wow, where do I begin.

1) The Constitution. I guess it's just right wing maniacs that are concerned with the Constitution. Perhaps someone should ask Ms. McVeigh why even liberal democrat politicians swear to uphold and defend such a document.

2) I have to say that I'm not sure that reading the Constitution was a campaign promise, but if it was what's wrong with politicians actually doing what they promised? I guess if your a liberal democrat, you're used to your candidates lying to get elected.

3) Fox News, Glenn Beck and others are dangerous demagogues? No, that would be people who are willing to use a tragedy for their own political gain and blame others who have nothing to do with the incident.

4) I find it interesting that to those who feel that the tone of political discourse is somehow the cause of this incident, the answer is to demonize political opponents. Can anyone say hypocrite?

If Ms. McVeigh really wants to find who is responsible for the "toxic rhetoric", I suggest that she visits a mirror.

Looking To Escape said...

The GOP won last fall's election by pandering to the right-wing maniacs,
These civility people are inherently incapable of peaceful relations.

Anonymous said...



A bunch of people who call everyone Nazis calling for civility.


Anonymous said...

Silly. Just Silly. This guy is a lunatic. He has hundreds of pages of writing and "ramblings" (not like Bernie's, of course), attributed to him. Not once does he ever mention Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, etc.

How about focusing on the real problem----the real problem is the availability and ease of access to guns, all guns. It's even worse that he could get a semi-automatic handgun with a large capacicity magazine. Focus on that, and on Congress' unwillingness to stand up to the NRA.

Not on what somebody should and shouldn't say. And calling it "hate speech" demeans the real term in its correct context.

Anonymous said...

The once great and proud democratic party. An institution that once could convince its fellow Americans for shared sacrifices in the face of WW2 and to build the nation's infrastructure setting up the biggest economic booms in world history. A party that enfranchised millions of blue collar workers hoping for their fair share of the American dream has been reduced to a bunch of sissies whining about table manners.

Anonymous said...

My gawd... how have we as a country became soft. How in the world was this country settled a few hundred years ago? It is time for each and every one of us to become personally responsible for our own safety. We do we believe others/government must protect us from each other? The last I recall, Darwin's principle's are still in play.. only the strong survive. Perhaps what happened this past weekend is more so a wake up call to the US that as free people and those wanting to remain free look in the mirror and promise to that person you will keep him/her safe.

Anonymous said...

I question how three bored and overweight individuals a Political Party make.

I agree with anon 5:41, the Democratic Party has a rich history of enfranchising average Americans. Just as the Republican Party has been fighting us every step of the way.

Sadly, as the disparity between the wealth of the Nation in even fewer hands and the middle class shrinking, it would appear the Republicans are winning.

Tad Ghostly

Anonymous said...

Wow, where do I begin.
If you are going to read the Constitution, read the whole document and be reminded, it doesn't just belong to right wing conservatives, its the Constitution of Democrats, liberal, moderate and conservative as well. Its not a document frozen in time with a fixed meaning placed upon it by you.

Remember, if you want to return to the halcyon days of 1787, blacks were slaves and women had no political rights. That may be a virtue in your eyes, but all hail the Constitution.

If this target Democrats with surveyor symbols and reload your rhetorical rifle nonsense is harmless speech, then go at it again will greater force and directness. Exercise your first amendment rights. To the ramparts! Kill a Democrat for Christ. Not to worry. Harmless speech.
See how easy it easy it is.
O what larks we will have. Come on my dear Tri- cornered hat patriots, lets aim those muskets at those commie pinko Obama ites. Steady now, remain on target. Reload!

Anonymous said...

I've known Mrs. McVeigh for nearly 40 years. A search of her countless letters to the editor of the Morning Call will confirm that she's a left wing nutcase!
Sorry for the 'incivility'

Anonymous said...

These people are idiots. When W was prez the libs stood in line with their insults and vitriolic rhetoric. Every night on Letterman was an outtake making fun of W's challenging use of the English language. Then there was a movie depicting his assaination. Yet where was the outcry from the left for "civility"? Those hypocrites ought to be ashamed of themselves for politicizing this tragedy.

Anonymous said...

Thank God we have anon 11:08 showing us how not to politicize an event. LOL

Honey Ryder

Anonymous said...

Locally I call for Ron Angle to have a mental health evaluation. He is exhibiting signs simular to the shooter. And if you think this is a joke you are wrong. No one acted on the shooters behalf, Ron seems to be unhinged lately, with the outbursts and vial name calling. These are the early signs.

Anonymous said...

The only silver lining here is that there were only 3 protesters. The fact that we have these ignorant people spewing nonsense,and being covered by any press, despite the proven disconnect between rhetoric and the horrific act last Saturday is scary.

Ms Veigh, sorry if the constitution offends you, there are plenty of other places you can go where they don't have such a pesky, extreme document. Take your buddies with you, please.


Anonymous said...

You and Brennan share a beer and a burger after your interview?

Bernie O'Hare said...

No, he drove me to work.

Donald said...

Why would they protest there?

Bernie O'Hare said...

A I understand it, they feel that the toxic rhetoric is directed at Dems, and I guess the Rs don't need protection.

Boo Yah! said...

It seems that these protesters are planning on showing up with signs at Bethlehem City Council on Tuesday.

I just saw a flyer which states:

Increase the Political Peace Demonstration

Tuesday Jan. 18, 2011
6:30 PM

Bethlehem City Council Meeting
Town Hall, Church Street

“Public Servants are Not Targets”
“Stop the Toxic Rhetoric”
“Hate Speech is Violence”

Bring your hopes for American Democracy and signs supporting peaceful public discourse.

Stand in support of Bethlehem City Council members and against right-wing disruptions of their meetings.

Every member of City Council is a Democrat (one even calls themselves a progressive), the Mayor is a Democrat, and 90% of the people who speak at the council meetings are Democrats.

What "right wing nuts" are they targeting?

What unrest has there been in City Council other than Karen Dolan and Willie Reynolds speaking for way too long?