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Friday, January 07, 2011

Charlie Dent's Foreign Policy Expertise Recognized

We all know that LV Congressman Charlie Dent has been named to the House's powerful Appropriations Committee. Thanks to a news release from his office, I can tell you he'll be on three different subcommittees:

Homeland Security - Dent previously served on the Homeland Security in his three terms as a Congressman.

Transportation, Housing & Urban Development (THUD)- Dent also served on the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, and has long advocated innovative approaches to transportation, from hydrogen highways to the development of natural-gas fueled cars.

State & Foreign Operations - This is the one that pleases me most. Dent earned a degree at PSU in International Politics, but more importantly, is fascinated by the topic, and it shows in his knowledge and understanding of foreign policy. He will now have a unique opportunity to help shape American diplomatic efforts.

“My assignment to the Subcommittee on Homeland Security will allow me to continue working to ensure the safety of the American public, a responsibility I take extremely seriously,” said Dent, who had previously served as the Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Transportation Security & Infrastructure Protection in the 111th Congress. “I am also eager to use my experience as a member of the Pennsylvania legislature and the House Transportation Committee to advance policies through the THUD Subcommittee that will enhance the safety and efficiency of our nation’s complex transportation system.”


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Charlie can describe what victory in Afghanistan looks like so we'll know it when we see it. That's when we can finally join history's long list of that country's conquerors.

Too bad he's an economics retard. He still defends TARP, while its recipients continue to fail after getting our money that Charlie so kindly gave them.

Charlie won't be splitting the atom anytime soon. Given his record on TARP and Afghanistan, he shouldn't be given too much responsibility.

Larry Kisslinger said...

As a political junkie, in addition to MSM, I read your blog on a daily basis! I opined once before about the many anon's who post here (maybe 90%)? I fully understand why "some" folks simply cannot ID themselves for very legitimate reasons of their own! However, what could possibly be the reason for anon 3:01PM not ID'ing themself unless the person works for, has friend or relative who does? I'm guessing is not the situation. Friendly reminder: Congressman Dent works for us and we do not work for him or any other public servant. So why remain an anon like 3:01PM? If I have something good or crtical to say about anyone, I tell them directly using facts as I understand them. After all, the person may be able to convince me that I'm wrong. How can one possibly respond to an anon, especially an anon using personal attacks? ie., how does anon 3:01PM know whether or not Dent can't already split an atom? Go figure.

Donald said...

Have you ever heard of Michelle Bachman? Look her up she sits on the Intelligence Committee. Expertise has little to do with committee assignment. Having said that I wish him well and I hope this district sees some benefit.

Anonymous said...

Also, Anon310 needs to verify his facts. Through Sept 30 2010, the Federal government earned $25.2 billion on its investment of $309 billion in banks and insurance companies, an 8.2 percent return over two years, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

We can argue whether TARP was the right thing to do, but it has not cost the taxpayer any money yet. The biggie remaining is what happens w/ the auto and AIG positions.

The Banker

Anonymous said...

Charlie is a good guy, but seems to be moving toward a liberal slant. He supports TSA Groping and Virtual Naked Strip Searches, TARP, etc...

Anonymous said...

The "success" verdict on TARP is premature, at best. At least 98 TARP banks are expected to fail this year. Some argue the number is five times that in the next two years.

Don't believe smiling politicians when they tell you their scheme worked.


Anonymous said...

Sunday's NYT will report the number of Afghanistan combat injuries approaching Iraq War levels.

What does victory look like?

Why doesn't Charlie bring that magnificent smile to service funerals?

Does he personally sign letters of condolence? Or does Shawn do it? Or do they use a stamp? Do you get a Re-Elect Charlie refrigerator magnet?

War is Hell. And Charlie can't seem to explain why we're still there and when we can say we're leaving.

Anonymous said...

Anon 838, I don't believe anyone in Washington. And I was against TARP.

But if you review the problem bank list and the TARP exposures they carry, TARP has already earned enough to cover the TARP losses on all of those banks combined. There just isn't exposure to the taxpayer there.

The other risk is FDIC insurance risk, which is separate from TARP. The insurance fund is running a large deficit and will for awhile. However, that will earn its way back, but will take time to do so.

I stand on my comment - the biggest remaining issues w/ TARP are the auto companies and AIG. I should add mortgage exposure as well.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Hey asshole, Charlie Dent has attended quite a few funerals. He visits the hospitals regularly. He does not talk about it or beat his chest about it bc he does not want to turn that aspect of what he does into a political football. Next time you want to smear the Congressman, try doing it with the truth.

Another point. The world is a nasty place. All one need do is read comments from morons like you to realize that. But there are nasty people in other countries, too, and they wish to harm us. They're not our pals.

Wiki Leaks makes very clear why we are in Afghanistan. American officials are scared shitless that Pakistani nukes are going to fall into terrorist hands. The British and even the Russians are worried, too, and point to traitors within Pakistan's own military. Once that happens, it is only a matter of time before a nuke is attached to a scud and launched from a fishing boat off the Atlantic coast. Who knows? It might even land n your living room den. It's insanely easy and almost impossible to defend.

If we walk away from Afghanistan, we allow the Taliban and its al-Quaeda elements to take over, and will further destabilize Pakistan. So that's why we're there. It makes a lot more sense than out involvement in Iraq did.

Every American who has died in Afghanistan has prevented countless deaths over here.

If you want to see who doesn't care about the loss of American life, go look in a mirror.

If you want to slam Dent about something, you're gonna' have to pick another topic.

Anonymous said...

Wow, with that kind of clout, I sure hope he can steer substaintial Federal Transportation funding to address the antiquated Route 22, LV's job thruway.

Anonymous said...

Dent is against healthcare reform. 2,226 veterans died in 2008 because they couldn't get health insurance. Go Charlie! Kill! Kill the soldiers If not in Afghanistan and Iraq, then here.


Anonymous said...

You have to be kidding Charlie Dent an expert?