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Monday, January 31, 2011

Yetter Letter Claims Contributions Tax Deductible

Attorney Rich Yetter would like to succeed Michael Koury as Wilson Borough and West Easton's mini-judge. Like many lawyers running for that kind of job, Yetter considers his law degree an asset. So it's no surprise that Yetter would send a fundraising letter to his colleagues in the Northampton County Bar. But it would probably help him more if he had the law right.

In a letter to the "Esteemed Members of the Bar" dated January 26, Yetter campaign treasurer Lewis Gruppo incorrectly states, "Your donation is tax deductible and the committee will mail out receipts for your tax records." Most nonlawyers can tell you that you get no deduction for a campaign contribution.

Contacted yesterday, Yetter immediately acknowledged the error. A clarification will be sent to Northampton County lawyers today.


Lewis Gruppo said...

My name is Lewis Gruppo and I am the treasurer for the Committee to Elect Richard H. Yetter III.

I received a phone call from Rick a few minutes ago stating that you were planning on blogging about the donation letter that was sent out by the committee on behalf of Rick for his campaign.

This is totally my error and I would hate to see any candidate be put in a bad light for an error that was not his or her fault.

A retraction letter is being mailed today January 31, 2011

Anonymous said...

no...it was your candidate's error.

"A PUBLIC TRUST" said...

as a candidate, my treasurer and members of my committees did very little without my personal knowledge, at least at this level. My treasurer even suggested that I don't accept a donation, because of who sent it and the final discussion was left to me. we sent it back with a very nice thank you but no thank you letter. This position isn't always filled with the best person, because he's a Lawyer.........some of our best District Judges have been lay members of the bench. Look at the candidate and check out their background with dealing with people....as this position has changed over the years....it still is "the peoples Court". You deal with a lot of people issues and compassion and common sense play sometimes a bigger part of solving the issue then just the law book.

Anonymous said...

"A Public Trust" - and who are you and what did you run for? Why are you and these people who focus on bashing this guy, always anonymous? Very few of you making comments about this guy ever leave an actual name, or could it be because it's all the same person, possibly his opponent? The guy made a mistake and immediately is doing something to rectify it. Move on to something more important!

kim k said...

If Mr. Gruppo admits personally to this error - let it be laid to rest as that - an error.
Mr Gruppo has done and overseen alot of non-profit fundraising over the years and I am sure it was just an oversight error in not ommitting this line from the campain letter.
Knowing Mr. Yetter as well, the stand up guy that he is- I am sure he feels the same and feels this was just a human error that will be addressed in a retraction letter to all.

Anonymous said...

Not a good start.

Lisa Franko said...

I have known Lew Gruppo for over 10 years. He has helped raise money for many charities and non-profit organizations. He has done this with the upmost honesty and integrity. I first met Lew when my son started to participate in football at Hokendauqua Athletic Association. It was Lew who speared headed major fundraising for our kids and helped change this organization around. Not only did he raise money for this organization he encouraged participation from both parents and children. Many of our fundraisers fostered family involvement.
It is my understanding that Lew used a template for a mailing done for Mr. Yetter. This template is one that Lew has used over the years for his previous fundraising efforts. I can assure you that this template has always had the PS on it. Lew has admitted his mistake and is sending out a correction today.

In no way should this error be a negative reflection of Mr. Yetter and as a matter fact of Mr. Gruppo.

Who among us hasn't made a mistake. Let's be honest we all do. The important thing to remember is when a mistake is made own up to it and remedy it as quickly as possible.

This is what Mr. Gruppo has done and that's what makes him a good man.

Let's move on.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate Lew standing up and taking responsibility. Yetter agreed as soon as it was pointed out. A correction is going out.

So where again is the problem?

Bernie did right by pointing it out, Yetter/Gruppo did right by acknowledging and fixing it.

It's not like he's a sitting Congressman from Ohio who is against tort reform and then filed a $160k lawsuit over a chipped tooth. (I know Bernie, OT but pisses me off).

The Banker

Anonymous said...

Both of these candidates may be in trouble. I hear of a new candidate.........He's a sleeper.

Bernie O'Hare said...

The Fleckster? He's a sleeper all right.

Anonymous said...

Nope. He's well.....a very good candidate who is not a politian type but yet involved in politics.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that Panto's right hand man is getting pressure. Is that confirmed?

Anonymous said...

If its the person I heard about....I doubt he will run. Althought the other two would have to clean up their acts if he did.

Anonymous said...

I spoke too soon. scratch off doubt and put in likely. just saw spoke to him.

Anonymous said...


Active warrants?