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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Charlie Dent's Message to Obama: We Can Work Together

Lehigh Valley Congressman Charlie Dent actually made a statement in advance of the President's powerful State of the Union address this evening. Every now and then, Obama sounds like the person who earned my vote. It was also nice to see Dems and Republicans sitting side-by-side.

U.S. Rep. Charlie Dent (PA-15) today issued the following statement in advance of President Barack Obama’s 2011 State of the Union address:

“During tonight’s State of the Union address, President Obama will outline his approach to addressing the complex issues facing our nation in 2011 and beyond, including ways to grow the economy and control government spending. Much of the President’s rhetoric will garner bipartisan applause, but it’s important to remember actions often speak louder than words.

“This evening, I hope the President will chart a course for jumpstarting our economy by providing regulatory relief to job creators, improving the competiveness of domestic industry and preparing young Americans for careers in science and technology. I am also eager to hear the President renew his dedication to restoring fiscal responsibility in Washington. The American public rightfully expects the President and Congress to work together in 2011 to reverse excessive government spending and tackle the growing national debt.

“If the President is committed to these principles, I am confident several of his proposals to encourage growth and promote austerity will receive strong bipartisan support. Although undoubtedly there will be places of disagreement over policy, I believe there are several key areas in which common ground can be established and positive results achieved. These areas include:

- Restoring fiscal discipline in Washington to reduce the burgeoning federal deficit;
- Modernizing and simplifying the nation’s complex tax code to encourage investment;
- Determining the economic impact of proposed and existing regulations, and addressing policies found to hinder job creation;
- Improving access to rapidly developing markets for American manufacturers and farmers through the completion of long-pending bilateral trade agreements with our allies Colombia, Panama and South Korea;
- Nurturing a competitive domestic workforce by focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education.

“In 2011, I look forward to working with the President, as well as my colleagues in both parties and both chambers, to implement policies that will help achieve the American people’s goal of rejuvenating our economy and eliminating excessive spending.”

Right before the speech, Dent voted for a resolution that would set a limit on non-security discretionary spending at FY2008 funding levels. Those are deeper cuts than the President would like to make.


Jon Geeting said...

“If the President is committed to these principles, I am confident several of his proposals to encourage growth and promote austerity will receive strong bipartisan support."

This doesn't make any sense. Austerity increases unemployment. The specific resolution that Dent voted for would cost 600,000 jobs. There's no reason to be focusing on the deficit right now.

Anonymous said...


Is this an example of a supposed 501c3 intervening in an election? They are actively seeking to recruit somebody to run against another candidate and appear to be advocating for his defeat.

I don't like Barron either, but this is clearly an abuse by a non-profit.

Anonymous said...

Yes a good deficit - like a good crisis - presents all sorts of opportunity to put forth ideological actions.

Continued belief that it is the government - Washington - that drives the economy and innovation will get us into a second recession.

Oh, and it is nice seeing Congressman of different parties sitting alongside one another. That should change everything in DC right? Silly symbolism and meanlingless gesture. Shows what low esteem Congress holds the American public in if they think that such silliness convinces us that they are changing.

Anonymous said...

The last sentence of the link above reads:

"Beginning in 2012 the Controller's salary will be $65,000. Anyone else interested?"

Apologies for the switch in subject.

Bernie O'Hare said...

I agree that's over the line. It goes beyond education.

I also think Barron should be knocked off. He was shillng for the union yesterday at the Elections Conn'n. He may not realize it, but nobody has an respect for the guy and won't sit near him. He is viewed by nearly everone, even his friends, as a rank political opportunist.

Anonymous said...

Geeting's right. Why doesn't the government hire us all? Better yet, Nancy Pelosi said unemployment payments had a five-fold return on investment. There's no need for anybody to work.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord!! Come on Charlie, there is nothing of any significance that this Administration will work with the House Reps. on. He mentioned last night that Health Care will not be repealed. Whatever... Charlie is getting soft in his politics.